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Firecracker 100 Pickem Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back for another crack at one of our most prestigious pickem contests of the season. You know the drill by now, but for those of you who are new I’ll go over a couple quick points.

First things first. This contest, like all other Pickems that we do, is 100% FREE. Our prizes are provided and made possible by all of our awesome sponsors that you can see along the side of this page.

Our ever-growing prize list will reward the Top 3 pickers!

1st Place – $50 Visa Gift Card
2nd Place – Firecracker 100 tee shirt and hat
3rd Place – tee shirt

Another key to making this the best Special Event Pickem contest this world has ever seen is to tell all of your friends. Every single one, even the ones that don’t like racing (shame on them). It ups the competitiveness between players and makes the whole weekend more fun. And who am I kidding? Side bets are not only welcomed, but we encourage them in most cases.

The deadline to submit your picks is 2PM on Thursday, June 23rd. In other words, if you’re sitting in the stands at The Action Track watching Josh Richards take a few hot laps under clear blue skies, you’ve missed the deadline. Don’t be that guy.

So here’s how it works. You’ll pick drivers out of our predetermined driver groups (5 drivers in total). Once your picks are locked in, they’ll accumulate points for both preliminary 30 lap features on Thursday and Friday as well as the 100 lap finale on Saturday.

Here’s the unique scoring structure that will be used for the Firecracker 100 contest:

Prelims: 1(35), 2(32), 3(30), 4(28), 5(26), 6(25), 7(24), 8(23), 9(22), 10(21), 11(20), 12(19), 13(18), 14(17), 15(16), 16(15), 17(14), 18(13), 19(12), 20(11), 21(10), 22(9), 23(8), 24(7), 25(6), 26+(5)

Firecracker 100: 1(60), 2(55), 3(50), 4(45), 5(40), 6(38), 7(36), 8(34), 9(32), 10(30), 11(28), 12(26), 13(24), 14(22), 15(20), 16(19), 17(18), 18(17), 19(16), 20(15), 21(14), 22(13), 23(12), 24(11), 25+(10)

That about wraps it up for now! Any other information you should need is located in the contest link just below this. Good luck, have fun, and may the best picker win!



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