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"Firecracker 100 Pickem" – Final Standings

A long Saturday came to an end, and once the dust settled….we had a first-time player grab the top spot in our 6th Annual Firecracker 100 Pickem contest.

Fred Mejia won by a slim 9-point margin. His winning driver picks were none other than Josh Richards, Scott Bloomquist, Brandon Overton, Chub Frank, and Jared Miley. The 429 points scored was the most of all two-hundred and twelve players, and came from a maximum possible total of 552 points. Fred will receive the $50 Visa Gift Card top prize!
Runner-up Bryan Bloom is a veteran of sorts. He has played multiple Special Event pickems in the past…maybe experience does pay off. Bryan’s driver selections were Josh Richards, Tim McCreadie, Billy Moyer Jr, Brandon Overton and Mason Zeigler. Bryan will be the lucky recipient of a Firecracker 100 Tshirt and hat.
Although the final podium spot came in at a three-way tie, the 3rd place prize will be awarded to Jroc (@Jroc1221) by virtue of a tiebreaker. Jroc predicted 6 cautions in the 100 lapper, which came in closest to the 3 yellows that the starting field accumulated during the finale. Jroc’s picks were Josh Richards, Scott Bloomquist, Billy Moyer Jr, Chub Frank and Russ King. A Tshirt will be awarded to Jroc.
We will be in contact the top three finishers shortly so we can make arrangements for your winnings. Thanks to the 200+ players that joined in the fun for the last few days, and to our wonderful sponsors for making these Pickem events possible.
Pos. 1-60
Pos. 61-120
Pos. 121-180
Pos. 181-212



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