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Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Pickem

Our special event Pickems continue to pick up steam as we begin our FREE contest for the prestigious 25th Annual Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup at Lernerville Speedway. This contest will work just like all the rest. You pay nothing, get to have all the fun, and we’ll do the rest!

This year’s edition will allow you to pick 6 drivers from our predetermined groups. Points are awarded for qualifying, heat races, the dash, and 40 lap main event.

Prize list:
1st – $50 Visa gift card
2nd – Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup event Tshirt
3rd – ‘TDN’ Tshirt

Scoring System:
Group Qualifying: 1st(5), 2nd(4), 3rd(3), 4th(2), 5th(1)
Heat Win: 3 points
Dash Win: 3 points
Feature: 1st(50), 2nd(45), 3rd(42), 4th(40), 5th(38), 6th(36), 7th(34), 8th(32), 9th(30), 10th(28), 11th(26), 12th(24), 13th(22), 14th(20), 15th(18), 16th(16), 17th(14), 18th(12), 19th(10), 20th(9), 21st(8), 22nd(7), 23rd(6), 24th(5), 25th(4), 26th(3), 27th(2), 28th(1)

General Rules & Guidelines:

  • Please limit it to 1 entry per contestant
  • Fill out your entry form completely
  • The deadline to submit picks is 3:00pm on Tuesday, July 19th
Thanks to all contestants for partaking in another one of our FREE fantasy pickem contests. Please take the time to thank our sponsors as none of this would not be possible without them.



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