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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 11

What’s up ya’ll? It’s Monday and I’m here doing that thing I do where I find racing results and add the points up, then write some stuff about it.

 By the pic leading into the article, it’s pretty obvious that the top spot hasn’t changed this week. I mean, Max is having an incredible season, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise he’s leading this. Doesn’t mean he’s running away with it, either, because his competition is creeping ever closer all the time. What’s really awesome this week is that the top ten finally has no ties in points. It only took half the season, but I’ll take it.

This week, just about everybody got thiser shows in. The only two that didn’t were PPMS, who didn’t have super late models scheduled, and Selinsgrove, who apparently got hit with rain just as the features were gonna hit the track and washed the show out. It apparently also rained at Marion Center, but they managed to get the super feature done before it hit. Bedford’s show was an 8k to win special, so it got the expanded specials scoring this week.

Now, let’s get to this standings on my little scoresheet…

1. Max Blair****, 49 points. Max ran second at Eriez Sunday. In non scoring action this weekend, Max finished last at MCR on Thursday.

2. Alex Ferree******, 44 points. Alex got a fifth Friday at Lernerville and picked up the win at Marion Center Saturday.

3. Jeff Rine*****, 43 points. Jeff didn’t score any points this weekend. In non-scoring action, he was 25th in the final rundown at Bedford Friday.

4. Russ King*, 39 points. Russ got a second at Lernerville Friday.

5. Jared Miley****, 38 points. Jared didn’t score any points this weekend. In non-scoring action, he got a twelfth at Bedford Friday and a seventh at Elkins Saturday.

6. Dylan Yoder****, 37 points. Dylan picked up the win Saturday at Port Royal. In non-scoring action, he got a 27th at Bedford Friday.

7. Rob Blair****, 32 points. Rob got with win Sunday at Eriez.

8. Joe Martin*, 27 points. Joe got a fourth at Lernerville Friday. In Non-scoring action, he ran thiorteenth at Stateline Saturday.

9. Andy Haus**, 24 points. Andy was third Saturday at Port Royal. In non-scoring action, he apparently ran Bedford, but results howed he DNS the feature.

10. Mike Blose**, 22 points. Mike didn’t score any points this week, and apparently won’t be scoring any more points for a while. He’s out of motors.

And that’s the top ten this week. Weather is looking pretty meh currently for this coming weekend, so lets all think happy thoughts and maybe we’ll actually get some shows in. At least I hope so, or else my article could totally be a copy and paste of this one next week, and nobody wants to read that shit.

As always, same bat time, same bat place next week and all that jazz.




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