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Top 25 National Sprint Car Poll – Week 10

Lance Dewease claimed $25,000 for his Summer Nationals win at
Williams Grove (Brent Smith photo)

First things first, everyone welcome DirtTrackDigest’s own Mike Mallett to our panel of voting members! Mike joins our already impressive group of voters, made up of media and other prominent members of the sprint car world.

In this week’s edition, it’s Pennsylvania’s Lance Dewease making the slide into 5th place in our rankings. Dewease’s stellar season only became more impressive as his Summer Nationals weekend included a runner-up in the preliminary night before he topped that with a $25,000 win in the finale at Williams Grove.

Rico Abreu spent another weekend playing in the dirt – this time with the All Star Circuit of Champions at Kokomo Speedway. Just like Dewease, Abreu’s No. 24 machine finished in the runner up spot on Night #1 before claiming the Dirt Classic victory on Saturday night.

Donny Schatz remained in the top spot despite failing to capture a weekend victory for the first time in nearly a month. Positions two through four remained the same with David Gravel, Daryn Pittman, and Greg Hodnett occupying those spots.

Making the leap into our Top 25 driver’s poll were Christopher Bell, Sammy Swindell, and Jamie Veal. Swindell (22) is making his return to the rankings following a two week hiatus. Meanwhile, Bell (19) and Veal (23) are making their 2016 debuts in the poll. Both drivers are coming hot off the tails of strong performances at Kokomo Speedway’s ASCoC-sponsored Dirt Classic.

As is the case when drivers move into the poll, a few guys have to drop out in order to make room. Brent Marks, Lucas Wolfe, and Terry McCarl are the drivers that have slid out of our Top 25 rankings this week.

Our panel of voting members for Week 10 included the following:
Blake Anderson, Mike Mallett, Brian Liskai, Bobby Gerould, Tony Bokhoven, Mike Leone, Kyle Symons, Anthony Corini and Tyler Beichner.

1. Donny Schatz, 225 points (9)
Recent Results: A sub-par Summer Nationals for Schatz, bringing home two 5th place finishes.
Previous Ranking: 1st (NC)

2. David Gravel, 211 points
Recent Results: Holds runner-up spot for fourth straight week after 4th & 7th place finishes at Williams Grove.
Previous Ranking: 2nd (NC)

3. Daryn Pittman, 207 points
Recent Results: Claims a win and runner-up finishes in Williams Grove’s Summer Nationals weekend.
Previous Ranking: 3rd (NC)

4. Greg Hodnett, 189 points
Recent Results: A 3rd place finish was the highlight of his Summer Nationals performance.
Previous Ranking: 4th (NC)

5. Lance Dewease, 169 points
Recent Results: Nearly sweeps the weekend at Williams Grove, but settles for a win and a 2nd place finish.
Previous Ranking: 11th (+6)

6. Rico Abreu, 164 points
Recent Results: Not to be outdone, the Cali native takes home a win and runner-up honors with the All Stars.
Previous Ranking: 7th (+1)

7. Brad Sweet, 161 points
Recent Results: Had an average weekend at Williams Grove where he failed to crack the Top 5.
Previous Ranking: 6th (-1)

8. Chad Kemenah, 133 points
Recent Results: In contention all weekend, snags 3rd & 4th place finishes with the All Stars at Kokomo.
Previous Ranking: 16th (+8)

8. Danny Lasoski, 133 points
Recent Results: Claims two bride’s maid finishes with the National Sprint League at Jackson and Knoxville.
Previous Ranking: 14th (+6)

10. Shane Stewart, 126 points
Recent Results: A weekend he’d like to forget, the team failed to qualify for either feature at Williams Grove.
Previous Ranking: 5th (-5)

11. Sheldon Haudenschild, 113 points
Recent Results: Respectable finishes of 4th and 6th at an elbows-up Kokomo with the All Stars.
Previous Ranking: 10th (-1)

12. Joey Saldana, 107 points
Recent Results: Led some laps in the Summer Nationals finale at Williams Grove but failed to crack the Top 10.
Previous Ranking: 13th (+1)

13. Brian Brown, 95 points
Recent Results: Rebounds from a 6th place finish at Jackson to grab the win at Knoxville the following night.
Previous Ranking: 16th (+3)

14. Dale Blaney, 92 points
Recent Results: With 8th & 9th place finishes at Kokomo, he’s went over a month without finding victory lane.
Previous Ranking: 8th (-6)

15. Stevie Smith, 87 points
Recent Results: Just as expected, he steers the Rahmer Bros. car into back-to-back Top 5’s with the WoO.
Previous Ranking: 23rd (+8)

16. Craig Dollansky, 84 points
Recent Results: Notches two podium finishes with the National Sprint League including a win at Jackson.
Previous Ranking: 19th (+3)

16. Kerry Madsen, 84 points
Recent Results: Never contended for the lead, but he still managed two Top 10 finishes at Williams Grove.
Previous Ranking: 12th (-5)

18. Kyle Hirst, 81 points
Recent Results: Swept the weekend at Tulare, making him the winner of the last three King of the West shows.
Previous Ranking: 21st (+3)

19. Christopher Bell, 70 points
Recent Results: A weekend in Indiana with the ASCoC results in a win and 5th place finish.
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

20. Mark Dobmeier, 64 points
Recent Results: Drove to victory lane again at River Cities and won his 3rd straight feature at Badlands.
Previous Ranking: 14th (-6)

21. Danny Deitrich, 54 points
Recent Results: Had a disappointing Summer Nationals weekend for a team that was streaking.
Previous Ranking: 9th (-12)

22. Sammy Swindell, 45 points
Recent Results: Garnered 3rd & 4th place finishes at Jackson and Knoxville with the National Sprint League.
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

23. Jamie Veal, 36 points
Recent Results: Corralled two podium finishes at Kokomo with the All Stars but could not find victory lane.
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

24. Danny Holtgraver, 26 points
Recent Results: Nabbed respectable 7th & 10th place finishes in a tough field at Kokomo.
Previous Ranking: 24th (NC)

25. Logan Schuchart, 20 points
Recent Results: Returned home but failed to finish higher than 15th in his Summer Nationals weekend.
Previous Ranking: 20th (-5)

Dropped Out of Rankings
Brent Marks (18), Lucas Wolfe (22), Terry McCarl (25)



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