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Knoxville Nationals Pick’Em Scoreboard- Honoring Bryan Clauson

Upon discovering the tragic news that Bryan Clauson was no longer with us, we had to make a decision on what those who selected him in our annual Knoxville Nationals Pick’Em Contest would be able to do.
And we knew that would not be easy, he was so loved and so well selected.  On Monday this week, our own staff Patrick Miller decided that he would keep his Clauson selection and honor him. He was the first to do so, and led to a discussion amongst ourselves at TDN. That we could possibly allow everyone to keep their picks, and still honor Bryan. We have done so by allowing the opportunity for every player that selected him (47 of over 290 people) to keep their selections, OR simply follow the instructions for going about changing the pick for a substitute. .

We are thrilled to tell you, not one person changed their selection, and three players, Andrew Loria, Jessica Wright, and Tyler Quinn actually opted to change their non Clauson original selection, to Clauson as a way of remembering him. We were touched by the gesture to say the least.

At this time, we will make a donation to the Bryan Clauson Fund for each and every player who decided to honor him or change their selection to him.

Now then, here is our Knoxville Nationals Pick’Em Contest Standings Table coming into opening night! The following folks were awarded 17 points each in memory of Bryan. Thank you all for doing this!

From all of us at TDN!



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