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This Week In DIRT- Schatz Takes Obligatory Late Model Win; No Lucas, No WoO, No Worries- Corcoran Out at CMP

Were you on a bender this week? Face down in a casino bar weeping as you lost the money your wife gave you to buy a new dryer with? Did you step on a rake and end up in the emergency room? No worries, here’s what you missed this week in DIRT!

Schatz Takes Obligatory Late Model Win

It was time that time once again. Yes, that time of the year for Donny Schatz to collect his obligatory late model win!  It happens once a year and this year, River Cities Speedway was once again the chosen site for Schatz to break out his late model and collect his obligatory win, taking down Dustin Strand , Pat Doar  and Mike Balcean in the process on Friday night.

“It’s always cool to get one of these wins,” Schatz remarked following the victory. “You always hope the obligatory win comes in North Dakota, and when you get it, it’s such a big relief, like the weight of the concession stand is off your shoulders. I mean this doesn’t make me feel any better about Knoxville….well maybe it does a little.”

Schatz told reporters later on to also expect the obligatory World Finals late model attempt as well where he will storm through a B main in heroic fashion,  make the field and most likely pull off to watch the rest of the race. Schatz will be winning again in the sprint car this coming Friday night at River Cities Speedway as well.

For the full field run down, Click Here

No Lucas, No WoO…no worries.

The annual Lucas Oil Late Model Series Topless 100 at Batesville Motor Speedway (AR), was cancelled due to rain and coupled with the World of Outlaw Late Model Tour being in an off week, none of the following highlights or concerns made a sound throughout late model world this week!

  • Bloomquist is such a cheater!
  • Pierce’s slide job wasn’t clean!
  • Chub Frank might just end the losing streak this week!
  • Lanigan gets back on track and off the milk crate!
  • Richards wins again!
  • Rumley Makes Controversial Statement Regarding Rules!
  • Jimmy Owens Turns it Around This Week!
  • We need to make tire rules more affordable so my local guy has a chance to make the show!
  • These guys shocks cost more than my wife’s plastic surgery!

Racing will resume in both series next weekend where the activation of all of the above will re-commence! 

All Stars Go One For Three in PA

Dale Blaney kept the PA Posse at bay on Thursday night. Of course, it’s not exactly home turf for them, but Williams Grove and Lincoln are, and the Posse held serve on both of those nights much to the delight of the crowds who came to see Brian Montieth and Danny Dietrich kick ass and take names.  They both did at the respective central Pennsylvania tracks.  Will the results have an impact on our TDN National Media Sprint Car Poll?  Most likely…find out this coming Wednesday when the new poll is released, start making your side bets now on who ends up where!

All Star Sprint Results From This Week:

Davenport Sweeps In Tennessee:

Yes, this just in, Jonathan Davenport is good. He’s also pretty good in Randy Weaver’s car, when it has a battery that works as was not the case at this year’s Firecracker 100.

Davenport took home $12,000 at Bulls Gap (TN) on Thursday, and also on Friday at Crossville Speedway. On Thursday, he made contact with leader Scott Bloomquist and sent him spinning, but later told reporters that the two drivers more or less turned into each other. We’d buy that.

For the stories from the track and the full field rundown, check out Race Wire from our friends at Dirt on   Just click to the left of this sentence, yes where the color changes from grey to a shade of bronze/orange, yes….that’s it!

What? You’re not a member of What the hell is taking you so long, are you that lazy? They can take it out in small sums every month that even we at TDN can afford, so don’t cry poor!  You’ll be thanking us!!

Corcoran Out at Canandaigua:

Okay, so most of the stuff we do at TDN here in this segment is kind of tongue in cheek. This really isn’t. Promoter Jeremie Corcoran has resigned from his duties at Canandaigua Motorsports Park immediately following comments and threats he texted to a driver there, Mr Dave Axton.  This was made public via facebook and shared many times throughout the geography.  The resignation is completely the right course of action, it was swift and just in this case as it should have been.  However, it doesn’t take away the job he did in restoring the venue though. Corcoran brought back a sense of pride and commitment to the legendary central NY facility that was teetering on the verge of not hosting racing much longer. Car counts increased, and the special events became very well attended again.

However, today’s events serve to remind that whether provoked or not, (Axton’s comments prior to Corcoran’s response seemed on the edge of an attempt at humor actually) no matter what prior accomplishments were, stuff like that just cannot be tolerated! Corcoran did issue an apology, but it was to little and too late.

You can read the whole story from Mike Mallet Here

The role of social media in dirt racing has been turned by a few folks into a huge debate that continues and seems to be growing.  That so called “track bashing” is starting to kill the sport. As Mat Williamson said recently, “Blaming social media for racing’s demise is like blaming Oreo’s for obesity.”   He was right more or less.  There’s a lesson to take from this. If nothing good can come from what you say, if you’re too hot to comment…just leave it be!! And at the same time, if promoters can filter social media into two neat compartments…”comment box for consideration”  and “trash heap” and simply ignore the second pile while reasonably addressing the first, they will have more success. Most successful facilities embrace social media and use it for marketing, Attica and Lernerville are prime examples! Don’t believe us, look at their twitter accounts. But more importantly, if they simply use social media to enhance the good about what makes their racing program so unique or special, they’d be using it as it was intended to be.  

Fans or so called fans,  will always have some complaints, they will always call people bad and vulgar names. They did it 40 years ago, they’ll do it 40 years from now! Do you think every promoter went head to head with everybody that ever took exception to them back in the day?  It is said that keyboards make people tougher.  If those same people don’t have the fortitude to come to you personally, then it’s simple, you’ve got nothing to respond to. More to come on this in the future..

Have a great week folks! Stay Dirty!!



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