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Commentary: Leave It With Them! In the Meantime, Enjoy The Races

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And then….they sued. I don’t need to tell you why or what they want, you already know. After all, our audience has some pretty smart people in it.   Litigation in the dirt racing world can be scary. It opens up possibilities that we can’t always wrap our heads around. As many of you know by now, well probably ALL members of our audience but I digress, Scott Bloomquist and others, yes, he’s not alone, have taken Tony Stewart and WRG to court over a weight and tire judgment. Or will attempt to anyhow. None of us have any real knowledge of how far this intends to go and that needs to be said and will be repeated here. Unless you’ve talked to and/or asked anybody involved in this, and they actually told you, (which they’ve probably been warned not to)  you DON’T know. 

Daylon Barr Photo

We’ve seen a lot this past week. Including the often hysterical message board and social media comments (by the way, we’ve seen virtually NOTHING in any message board or social media format which makes us believe there are many reasonable, completely objective people commenting on this in those boards, and what they’ve said so far has made us laugh for the most part). Until….

Until we found a few folks that were actually going to boycott the World 100 over the issue. This is a person’s right! To exercise the option of not supporting something in protest is completely allowed. It’s okay too.  Because somebody else can have your seat and enjoy what a great event it truly is. Maybe somebody that’s never been there and has never seen the majesty of the World 100 four wide salute, or the drama on the track as the race progresses, or taken in the atmosphere in the stands and in the pits. 

That’s not saying either side is right. I, personally, have no idea what to make of it. I’m a good bit concerned, a little bit scared, and a bit angry. But I’m not a lawyer. I may write, tell some dirt related stories and have fun at the track and pick up vibes from other dirt racing fans on social media. But I’m no lawyer. I wasn’t there for either event. I’ve never met or talked to anyone involved in this. And at the end of the day, there will be nothing I can say or do to affect the outcome of the litigation, absolutely nothing! And that goes for virtually 100% of us whether you’re a driver, a fan, an owner (aside from those named in the suit), or even a sanction employee of WRG or Eldora Speedway for the most part. Sad thing really is, that I respect and admire people on both sides of this, and many of you probably feel the same way! 

But what I can say, what I can advise, and what I do know is, that we should be leaving it with them! Leave all those concerns to the parties and the lawyers, what will happen will happen without us having anything to do with it. And in the meantime,  we should be getting out there and enjoying the races! Just like we would be if it didn’t happen! That’s right, get out there and do what you’d normally be doing. You’re supporting racing, your ticket money or pit pass revenue…goes to racers too at the end of the day.  And without them, we have no race. It also goes to the tracks so they can keep operating, and to the sponsors so they can keep helping drivers!  If you boycott it, what did you really hurt?? You didn’t hurt the the people you intended to, they’re going to make their money anyway, trust me they will, you hurt the aforementioned group, the backbone of the sport. And if you’re good with that, so be it. It was your right. But as for the rest of us, we’re going to keep on going to races and going to keep having the same good time as always. You should be too. Here’s what I propose!  If you still feel so inclined to boycott the World 100. Fine.  As long as you’re in the stands at another dirt track, supporting the action, it’s all good.
Here’s another thing I know. What we’ve come to love about our sport, the drivers, the tracks, the cars, the good times….interestingly enough, it still existed and thrived or struggled before Scott Bloomquist was born or even Tony Stewart was for that matter, and it did so before we knew a World of Outlaws or WRG too. Odds are, it’ll still be going on long after this sorts itself out.  The dirt dream starts with people that want to race and people that want to help them. Those sorts of people will be there in the end. 

Now get to some races this weekend! 

Here’s a great list of what’s coming up in our neck of the woods for the next two months. Bookmark it, we’ll be updating it periodically! TDN Guide To the OH/PA Post Season



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