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What To Expect From The World 100; Deep Fried Oreos and Another Classic Race

Brian “Dobie” Compton Photo

The granddaddy of them all in the late model world takes place at the one and only Eldora Speedway this weekend, and it’s got some twists and turns to the plot in 2016! So, what can you expect from your World 100 experience? Well, first off how about the Pizza Burgers and Deep Fried Oreos! They’re heavenly, as experienced by many race goers whom have told their stories to us on many occasions, so if you’re going, plan on sampling some of each if you’ve never had the pleasure.  Truth be told, Eldora’s concessions are legendary…and also dirt cheap compared to many other national dirt racing events!

It’s hard to describe how everyone experiences the weekend. Some say it’s dirt racing’s best party (Super Dirt Week Attenders May Disagree), but we digress, we’ve heard enough World 100 pit party stories to last a lifetime and they make us want to live there! For some, it’s totally about the racing, and for others, it’s a mix of partying, racing, and deep fried oreos. For more on the matter, check out our own Brian Compton’s experience in journalistic format here: Eldora by Compton

This year promises to be different, for numerous reasons. So here you’ll find what to look for, or at least our best guess, and some useful stuff if you’re headed that way or enjoying the action from home!

What: Annual World 100- $49,000 to win King of the Crown Jewels of Late Model Racing

Where:  Eldora Speedway; Rossberg, OH

When: Thursday September 8, Friday September 9, and Saturday September 10

Event Information:  Official World 100 Information Page

Story Lines: 

Fab 5 Missing:

And then there were a few folks that won’t be in attendance. Chief among them are Scott Bloomquist and Jimmy Owens due to pending litigation lingering from a previous tire disqualification and subsequent suspension from the event, and well, all UMP sanctioned events at the present time. Should it matter? It depends on who you ask. But, regardless of who’s there and who isn’t, expect the action on the track be just as scintillating come final feature time on Saturday night.

For more on the litigation matter you check on the Admin’s thoughts here: “Leave It With Them And In The Meantime…Enjoy The Races. 

Them Tars:

Due to the litigation and tire doping issues, there’ll be a new tire policy rolled out by UMP for this year’s edition of the World 100.  Drivers and crew will be scurrying to get their tires at the track and for the most part won’t be allowed to even physically alter them let alone chemically. For more about this rule and it’s implications for this event and some other event thoughts check out Rich Allen’s Inside Dirt Racing’s take on the matter here:  Blooomquist/Owens Lawsuit and World 100 Predictions

Daylon Barr Photo

Who’s Hot/Favorites

1. Josh Richards: Yes, it could be his time to take home the globes. He’s currently in the middle of his best season to date, and was very close to victory in the Dream 100 earlier in June.

2. Bobby Pierce:  We haven’t seen him conquer a 100 lapper with most of the big names in the house at the same time. Yet.   And this might be his perfect opportunity so far to date!

3. Jonathan Davenport:  Last year’s winner is currently riding a two race Ohio winning streak in Lucas Oil action, and had it not been for a rejuvenated Bloomquist in 2016, may have had a lot more wins. And since he won’t be there, Davenport’s chances are even better than they already were and they were pretty damn good even with Bloomer in the house.

Daylon Barr Photo

4. Shane Clanton: His biggest crime, is simply being behind Josh Richards during his phenomenal run in 2016.  So why would this race make any difference, why wouldn’t he simply expect to finish behind Richards? Because he’s got wins here in 100 lappers.  We’re still waiting to see Richards to do that, and it’s easier said than done.  Clanton’s a top quality driver, with a top quality car that can get it done at Eldora.

5. Dale McDowell: He’s so smooth, and he’s there at the end of every 100 lap crown jewel he races in it seems. He might even start 20th, and then, you’ll see that late race restart on lap 80 and you’ll be wondering how in the hell he’s in third on this restart! He doesn’t always dominate these things, but will save tires and equipment…and will know when “go” time is. You can always bet on that.

Who’s a Dark Horse: 

1. Billy Moyer: He’s the sentimental pick to win one last World 100 by virtually everybody. Including us!  And it’s not out of the realm of possibility either.

2. Mike Marlar: He’s almost always very fast here, it’s just a question of how his car holds up and how he takes care of his tires and with the rules changes this year, that could be a tremendous boost….or burden.

3. Steve Casebolt: Past experiences at Eldora point to him always being a prohibitive pick, and what puts him here as a dark horse…is that he could be due for another big Eldora victory.

4. Jon Henry: Probably the best bet among locals, and yes…the piece can hold up for 100. He needs to make his preliminary nights count though. If he starts in the back, he’ll have to use up everything he’s got to get to the front.

5. Rusty Schlenk:  One of the best names in the sport…how could that not make him a dark horse candidate out of the hauler?  Seriously, he might not win, but if he could get in and the beast can make 100 high quality laps…he could be in for a surprise top 10.

Pay Per View:

So, you can’t make it for whatever reason? No worries! Our great friends over at will have you hooked up! If you’re not a member, simply become one, you can pay small amounts a month, and have access to the official encyclopedia and media shop of dirt late model racing! Once you’ve done that, buy their World 100 package, hook up your laptop to the big screen, grab some beer and pizza…and you’ve got a World 100 party!  You’ll thank us for years to come!!

For Pay Per View Information: Click Here 

Pick’Em Contest: 

We at TDN host our annual World 100 Pick’Em contest each time this year and have done so again in 2016. It’s completely free to play, enhances the fun, and there’s prizes for the top three, including a 6 month subscription to!  To play, simply click here: 3rd Annual World 100 Pick’Em

TDN Staff Picks:

Tyler “The Professor”  Beichner: Dale McDowell
Josh “Bacon Bits”  Bayko: Josh Richards
Brian “Dobie” Compton: Billy Moyer
Patrick “The Natural” Miller: Shane Clanton
Aaron “Dr. Feelgood” Clay:  Bobby Pierce
Gary “Uncle Skiz” Heeman: Dale McDowell
Kyle “Smokey Fingers” Symons: Josh Richards
Daylon “Beach Bum” Barr: Jonathan Davenport
Trever “The Real Deal” Steele: Dennis Erb Jr
Caitie “The Australian Wonder From Down Under” McFarlane: Craig there any doubt?



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