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Ultimate NE Late Models- Herb Scott Memorial Live Blog

Patrick Miller Photo

Imperial, PA (June 30, 2018) The annual Herb Scott Memorial for the Ultimate Northeast Super Late Models at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s Motor Speedway is now underway. Here you’ll find updates throughout the night as the tour regulars and regional heavyweights battle it out on the “Monster Half Mile” for a $3,000 to win payday.

Official Ultimate NE Late Model photographer and TDN photographer Patrick Miller is on the scene and has pictures from tonight as well.

Official Ultimate NE Super Late Models Recap

from Kyle Symons- Ultimate NE Super Late Model Public Relations:

IMPERIAL, PA – Jared Miley of Pittsburgh, Pa., picked up his second Ultimate Northeast Super Late Model Series by winning the Herb Scott Memorial at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. The victory was worth $3,000 for Miley who took the lead on lap 23 when race leader Michael Norris blew a right rear tire with a straighaway lead.

Alex Ferree led the first lap of the event from his pole starting position before Norris pulled a big slider on him and second-running Miley to take the lead on lap two. From there, Norris began to pull away from the field.

Norris had a straightaway adavantage on Miley and had lapped up to the 6th place running machine of Matt Cosner before blowing a right rear tire on lap 23 bringing out the first caution of the event.

On the restart second-running Ferree attempted on Miley, but Miley powered off the second corner and began to pull away. Kyle Lee reeled in Miley slightly late, but Miley was able to pick up the victory by about 10-12 car lengths.

9:27 PM-  Unofficial feature finish

1. Miley 2. Lee 3. Ferree 4. Robinson 5. Montgomery 6. C.Flinner 7. Cosner 8. Baker 9. Hodgkiss 10. Kohan 11. Norris 12. Weaver 13. Schneider 14. Beck 15. Stefanick

9:24 PM- Miley leads Ferree, Robinson, Lee, Montgomery, Flinner, Cosner and Baker. Green restart! Ferree attempts a slider and slides back in the field after it comes up short.

9:23 PM- Norris suffers a flat right rear with seven to go. Miley inherits the lead. Caution is on thespeedway

9:19 PM- With 10 laps to go, Norris has lapped up to seventh place.

9:17 PM- Norris has a full straightaway lead over Miley at the halfway mark. Lapped traffic is almost upon him. Top five cars are still the same.

9:16 PM- Derek Stefanick retires on lap four

9:15 PM- Ferree leads early but is overtaken by Michael Norris on lap two. 7 laps down, Norris leads Miley, Ferree, Ross Robinson and Ryan Montgomery

9:11 PM- Feature is now rolling off at PPMS. Alex Ferree will lead em to the green flag!

Feature Lineup: 

(4) Alex Ferree-(10) Jared Miley
(72) Michael Norris-(7R) Ross Robinson
(2T) Kyle Lee-(66C) Matt Cosner
(12) Ryan Montgomery-(75) Colton Flinner
(11) Kirk Baker-(65) Derek Stefanick
(69) Jon Hodgkiss-(55) Chris Schneider
(91) Tommy Beck-Kelvin Cohan
(W3) John Weaver

Heat 1 Results: 

1. (10) Jared Miley
2. (7R) Ross Robinson
3. (2T) Kyle Lee
4. (12) Ryan Montgomery
5. (11) Kirk Baker
6. (69) Jon Hodgkiss
7  (91) Tommy Beck
8. (W3) John Weaver

Heat 2 Results: 

1. (72) Michael Norris
2. (4) Alex Ferree
3. (66C) Matt Cosner
4. (75) Colton Flinner
5. (65) Derek Stefanick
6. (55) Chris Schneider
7. (15) Kelvin Cohan

Tonight’s Time Trial Results:

1. (2T) Kyle Lee-18.442
2. (72) Michael Norris- 18.563
3. (7R) Ross Robinson- 18.924
4. (4) Alex Ferree- 19.042
5. (10) Jared Miley- 19.132
6. (66C) Matt Cosner- 19.320
7. (11) Kirk Baker- 19.630
8. (75) Colton Flinner- 19.681
9. (12) Ryan Montgomery- 19.687
10. (65) Derek Stefanick- 19.843
11. (91) Tommy Beck- 19.849
12. (55) Chris Schneider- 20.155
13. (69) Jon Hodgkiss- 20.598
14. (15) Kelvin Cohan- 20.678
15. (W3) John Weaver- 21.040

Ultimate NE Top Five Points Coming Into Tonight:

1. Jared Miley- 145
2. Matt Cosner- 140
3. Ross Robinson- 134
4. Kyle Lee- 112
5. Ryan Montgomery-101

Tonight’s Driver Roster: 

(2T) Kyle Lee
(W3) John Weaver
(4) Alex Ferree
(7R) Ross Robinson
(10) Jared Miley
(11) Kirk Baker
(12) Ryan Montgomery
(15) Kevin Cohan
(55) Chris Schneider
(65) Derek Stefanick
(66C) Matt Cosner
(69) Jon Hodgkiss
(72) Michael Norris
(75) Colton Flinner
(91) Tommy Beck

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