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2018 Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Pick ‘Em

It’s time for the 8th Annual Don Martin Silver Cup Memorial Pick’Em Contest! It’s fun, free and you could win one of three top prizes! Plus, it gives just a little more edge to the racing!

Also, as a tribute to the late Jason Johnson, we are going to donate $41 for every 100 competitors to the official #Forever41 fund – all proceeds will go directly to his wife Bobbi and son Jaxx.

Rick Rarer photo

So how do you play? It’s very simple! Just click on the link at the bottom of the page and you will be re-directed to our contest page. From there, you enter your information and make your selections! Don’t forget to write down your selections so you remember who you’re rooting for on Tuesday night.

Your selections will then be scored with the following system:

Feature – 1st (50), 2nd (45), 3rd (42), 4th (40), 5th (38), 6th (36), 7th (34), 8th (32), 9th (30), 10th (28), 11th (26), 12th (24), 13th (22), 14th (20), 15th (18), 16th (16), 17th (14), 18th (12), 19th (10), 20th (9), 21st (8), 22nd (7), 23rd (6), 24th+ (5), Hard Charger (10)

The contest may be free, but we still award prizes to the top three finishers. Below is our prize list for this year’s contest:

1st – $100 Visa gift card
2nd – Choice of t-shirt from R&R Racewear
3rd – $25 Visa gift card

So go ahead, make your selections, and join in the fun. Good luck from all of us at TDN, and as always thanks for playing!


TDN Pick Em

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