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The 2018 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 17

Hey there folks, it’s Monday, so that means It’s time for me to update these here rankings for super late models in the state of Pennsylvania.

This week was a week that saw just two scoring races. Those races were a regular show at Thunder Mountain and a special at Old Bradford Speedway, both held on Saturday night. Everybody else who usually has super late models either rained out or weren’t racing the division this week.

So that said, here really wasn’t much in the way of movement this week. I thought about just saying screw it and not doing an update this week, but the two races that got in would have been lost in the shuffle. I didn’t think that would be particularly fair to the drivers involved, so here’s the update. Expect as many interesting ways to mention that a driver didn’t score any points that I can think of.

1. Jeff Rine********, 92 points. Jeff had a scoreless weekend.

2. Max Blair*******, 68 points. Max ran second at Bradford Friday.

3. Dylan Yoder****, 66 points. Dylan wasn’t able to score any points this week.

4. Michael Norris********, 56 points. Michael took an 0fer this week.

5. Jared Miley****, 54 points. Jared didn’t score this week.

6. Michael Maresca**, 47 points. Michael batted .000 this week.

7. Coleby Frye**, 39 points. Coleby wasn’t given the chance to score this week.

8. Greg Oakes***, 38 points. Greg came home fifth at Bradford Friday.

8. Bryan Bernehisel****, 38 points. Bryan made no gains in points this week.

10. Chris Madden**, 31 points. Chris wsn’t able to score this week.

And that’s our top ten for this week. Hopefully, this coming weekend allows the tracks to get shows in and drivers can score some points. There are a handful of specials scheduled, so there are a pretty fair amount of points up for grabs. We’ll have to see if the weather allows it to happen…


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