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The 2018 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 18

Hey there race fans, it’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for me to given an update on these rankings. Yeah, I know, it was a day late this week, but my internet wasn’t working particularly well yesterday, so I figured I’d wait until today to see if the issue cleared itself up, and sure enough, it did.

So this week saw a lot of racing get in, with just one rainout, which was Eriez’s show on Sunday. Eriez has had terrible luck with the weather up there this year. I feel bad for the fans and racers that call the place home. Technically, Dog Hollow rained out this week on Friday, but they utilized a Saturday raindate and got their show in with no issues.

In the case of Hummingbird, they actually got two scoring shows in, as they ran a makeup feature for the super lates on Saturday on top of their regular show. Lernerville, Port Royal, and Dog Hollow all had specials scheduled, which means they were scored on the 7 point scale this week. All that adds up to a ton of points being scored.

Now lets see how all of it shook out amongst this week’s top ten.

1. Jeff Rine********, 95 points. Jeff came home third Friday night at Bedford.

2. Max Blair*******, 73 points. Max ran third at Dog Hollow Saturday.

3. Dylan Yoder****, 70 points. Dylan got a fourth at Port Royal Saturday.

4. Jared Miley*****, 65 points. Jared took home the win at Lernerville Friday, and was fourth at Dog Hollow Saturday.

5. Michael Norris********, 56 points. Michael couldn’t manage to score any points this week.

6. Mike Maresca**, 47 points. Mike was also held scoreless this weekend.

7. Coleby Frye**, 39 points. Add Coleby to the scoreless bunch.

8. Bryan Bernheisel****, 38 points. Bryan was also held scoreless this week.

8. Greg Oakes***, 38 points. Greg failed to score this week too. 

10. Chris Farrell*****, 35 points. Chris won the regularly scheduled feature and ran fourth in the makeup feature at Hummingbird Saturday.

10. Doug Eck*, 35 points. Doug ran third in the regular feature and came home second in the makeup at Hummingbird Saturday.

And that’s this week’s top ten. Make sure to check back next week to see where your favorites end up.

That said, how about them Buccos going for it? If you would have told me that they wewould be buyers at the deadline like a month ago, I would have laughed in your face. But here we are, and the deadline has come and passed, and Huntington was a buyer, adding pieces that absolutely should help the team. Color me impressed. Let’s go Bucs!

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