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Knoxville Nationals Pick’Em – Final Results

In a TDN Pick’Em first, we had a THREE-WAY tie for the top spot. As always is the case, our tiebreaker for the Knoxville Nationals version is the earliest entry.

Receiving the first place crown, our 31st entrant in the contest and the first of the three-way tie, is Jeff Boyum (@Jeffbodeen). Boyum has been a consistent player in our special event contests for years and the hard work and dedication as finally paid off. He’ll be the recipient of our $200 top prize.

Placing second following the tiebreaker procedures is Al Currie (@Currie5787), who was the 47th person to enter the contest. Currie was likely just a handful of minutes behind Boyum in entering the contest, which makes all the difference in the first place prize and Currie’s second place award of a $50 Visa card.

Rounding out the podium and the last of our three-way tie to enter the contest is Al (@vdonk37). He was the 138th person to enter, and will receive his choice of t-shirt from R&R Racewear’s great collection.

All three guys picked the same group of drivers and accrued a total of 473 points: Brad Sweet (129 pts), Donny Schatz (113 pts), Aaron Reutzel (102 pts), Carson Macedo (98 pts) and Sammy Swindell (31 pts).

If you’re keeping score at home, the optimal group of drivers that would have resulted in the most points was Brad Sweet (129 pts), Donny Schatz (113 pts), Aaron Reutzel (102 pts), Carson Macedo (98 pts) and Dominic Scelzi (47 pts).

Our next special event contest will be for the late model fans as we score the famed World 100 at Eldora Speedway. Beyond that we’ll have contest for the big block modifieds at SuperDIRT Week, and lastly we give you the best of all three worlds when we return for another round of the World of Outlaws World Finals.

Pos. 1-60
Pos. 61-120
Pos. 121-180
Pos. 181-240
Pos. 241-300
Pos. 301-360
Pos. 361-369


TDN Pick Em

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