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Hardy Honored And Humbled After Connor Bobik Memorial Victory

Derek Bobik Photo

Tyler Bare, winner of the Butch Renninger Memorial at Port Royal Speedway the previous night and Michael Lake lead the stout 24 car field of Zimmers ULMS Super Late Models to the green for the 8th annual Connor Bobik Memorial, a race that has yet to see a repeat winner in it’s history thus far.  Mike Maresca starting from his 2nd row starting spot, looked to throw his hat into contention early on with a slider going into turn three.  He emerged with the second spot challenging Lake and Bare but on the next lap Maresca got loose and spun in front of the rest of the field.

Luckily he escaped any damage, went to the pits and returned to tag the field, and was able to make his way back through, earning a top 10 finish on the night. Early on, two drivers found themselves using the same strategy in getting to the front quick as Alex Ferree  and Kyle Hardy both made forward charges from their 12th and seventh starting spots respectively.  The pair challenged Bare for the race lead early on in the action. On lap 11 Hardy took the lead from Bare and Ferree found himself in the second spot

On each of the 6 restarts after cautions,  Bare And Ferree put on a show for the very large crowd in attendance as Hardy was still hammering around the racy surface while keeping an oncoming Ferree at bay.

Derek Bobik Photo

On a lap 31 restart Bare found himself the owner of a flat right rear which ended his night as he pulled the car to the trailer.  The final restart came with five laps to go which allowed Ferree one more shot at Hardy and with two laps to go a noticeable popping was coming from the leader’s car.   Ferree was able to close in but it was not enough as Hardy was too strong as he picked up his second win of the year.

Second place Ferree offered an upbeat attitude after the race “At least we have speed in the car and it’s working we just need some luck.”

“Winning a race in the name of a kid  means toand what this the family is pretty cool,” Hardy said after the checkered flag waved. “It’s crazy.”

Video Interview: 3rd Place Finisher Shane McLoughlin

Video Interview: 2nd Place Finisher Alex Ferree

Video Interview: Feature Winner Kyle Hardy

Final Results- ULMS Late Models- 40 Lap Connor Bobik Memorial  $5,000 to win

1. (99) Kyle Hardy
2. (4) Alex Ferree
3. (59) Shane McLoughlin
4. (111) Max Blair
5. (94) Charles Powell
6. (14) Corey Conley
7. (18B) Dave Blazavich
8. (W3) John Wayne Weaver * Hard Charger
9. (84) Andrew Wylie
10 (7mm) Mike Maresca
11. (111d) Matt Lux
12. (28c) Clate Copeman
13. (43) Tom Decker Jr
14. (09) Scott Stein
15. (7) Ryan Claycomb
16. (43a) Tyler Bare
17. (18) Michael Wonderling Jr.
18. (75) Jason Dobson
19. (91) Tommy Beck
20. (27) Michael Lake
21. (11) Curtis Teats
22. (28d)  Bob Gordon
23. (44) Joe Petyak
24  Shawn Claar

Heat Winners: Andrew Wylie, Tyler Bare, Mike Maresca and  Dave Blazavich
BMain Winners: Bob Gordon and Joe Petyak

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