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2018 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 28

Hey there race fans, two weeks later it’s Monday, and that means it’s time for me to upfdate these here rankings.

There were two scoring shows this week, the Steel City Stampede at Lernerville and the World Series of Dirt Racing at Selinsgrove. Both were special shows scored on the seven point scale, and both happened on Saturday. Points from last weekend’s Pittsburgher are also reflected in this week’s rankings, but as we Tweeted last week, none of those points affected the top ten, so I took the week off these rankings. Because let’s be serious, a top ten that showed nobody scored any points would be a pretty useless writeup.

I’ve checked all the schedules, and there is only one scoring week left, next week, which sees shows at Clinton County and Dog Hollow this coming weekend. That means, next week will be ourfinal rankings for 2018, and the full season long rankings will be posted for the first time all year.

That said, I’ve done the math. Jeff Rine has clinched the championship for the second consecutive year. Nothing that happens next week would allow anybody to catch him. I’d like to congratulate Jeff on another absurdly consistent year of action. If you go into central PA, your’e going to have to beat Jeff, and that is a very tall order.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see some changes in the rest of the top ten next week though, as just about all of those drivers will be in action at one of the two tracks racing next week. Will be interesting to see how that all shakes out.

Now, let’s go ahead and get to those rankings.

1. Jeff Rine (10), 133 points. 

2. Max Blair (10), 111 points. 

3. Dylan Yoder (5), 98 points. Dylan picked up the win at Selinsgrove Saturday.

4. Jared Miley (5), 69 points. 

4. Jon Lee (5), 69 points. 

6. Michael Norris (10), 66 points. 

7.  Coleby Frye (5), 63 points. Coleby ran third at Selinsgrove Saturday.

8. Gene Knaub (1), 58 points. Gene came home Second at Selinsgrove Saturday.

9. Andy Haus (2), 55 points. 

10. Michael Maresca (3), 52 points. 

10. Mike Marlar (1), 52 points. 

And that’s our top ten for this week. Check back next Monday for the final update of the season!’



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