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Swartzlander Tops World 100 Pick’Em Contest

And when the checkered flag waved over our annual World 100 Pick’Em Contest, Phil Swartzlander stood atop the leader board as this year’s contest winner! The weekly Lernerville Pick’Em standout collected his first crown jewel pick’em event championship and was impressive in doing so, winning by a comfortable margin.

Swartzlander’s lineup went like this:

Brandon Sheppard
Brandon Overton
Jimmy Owens
Kyle Bronson
Chase Junghans

Sheppard was money in the first two shows, earning those who selected him 40 and 50 points on the first two nights, while Brandon Overton managed to score impressive numbers on shows two and three. Jimmy Owens was good for 30 points on all three events, but the selection which may have made the difference was Junghans who went pointless on opening night, but had a great final day, coming through with 45 points, uncommon for a tier three selection.

Joining Phil on the podium this year Stacy Erdner and RacinMom75.

Be sure to make your selections in our World of Outlaws World Finals Pick’Em Contest

Entry Link For World Finals Pick’Em

Final Standings:


TDN Pick Em

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