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2018 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Final Standings

Hey there race fans, now that the super late model racing season is officially over due to Dog Hollow cancelling it’s show scheduled for November 16th and 17th, I can go final with these here rankings.

I’d write a bunch of words here, but I think it’s best described in song form…

Besides, you’re about to read huge pile of names anyways, and I didn’t want to tire you out with a bunch of words that aren’t the rankings and I figure a sweet tune might might make that reading exercise just a touch easier.

So let’s go ahead and get to that final countdown of drivers, and this time, instead of just the top ten, it’ll be every driver that scored points in Pennsylvania this year. The number in parenthesis after the driver’s names is the number of wins on the year.

1. Jeff Rine (10), 133 points. 

2. Max Blair (10), 111 points. 

3.  Dylan Yoder (5), 98 points. 

4. Jared Miley (5), Jon Lee (5), 69 points. 

6. Michael Norris (10), 66 points. 

7.  Coleby Frye (5), 63 points. 

8. Gene Knaub (1), 58 points.

9. Andy Haus (2), 55 points.

10. Mike Maresca (3), Mike Marlar (1), 52 points. 

12. Alex Ferree, Chris Madden (3), 51 points. 

14. Boom Briggs (5), Chris Farrell (5), 50 Points. 

16. Dave Hess Jr. (2), Greg  Oakes (3), 49 points. 

18. Bryan Bernheisel (4), 47 points. 

19. Doug Eck (1), Charles Powell Jr. (2), 44 points.

21. Dave Blazavich (5), Devin Moran, 43 points. 

23. Tyler Bare (2), 41 points. 

24. Jason Covert (2), 37 points. 

25. Michael Lake (6), 35 points. 

26. Colton Flinner (1), 32 points. 

27.  Wyatt Scott (1), 31 points. 

28. Ross Robinson, 29 points. 

29. Paul Kot (2), Brandon Sheppard, 28 points. 

31. Earl Pearson Jr., 26 points. 

32. Chub Frank (1), Josh Richards, 25 points. 

34.  Kyle Hardy (3), Chad Wright (1), Tyler Erb, Matt Cosner, 24 points. 

38. Rick Eckert (2), Dan Angelicchio, 22 points. 

40. Dave Scott (2), Levi Sikora (2), 21 points. 

42.  Bobby Pierce (1), Mike Pegher Jr., 20 points. 

44. Doug Glessner (1), Robbie Black (1), Derek Rodkey (1), Jimmy Owens, 19 points.  

48. Brett Schadel, 18 points. 

49. Austin Hubbard (1), Jonathan Davenport, Matt Urban,  17 points. 

52. Dale McDowell, Kyle Lee, 16 points. 

54. Joe Petyak, Scott Alvetro, Tim Smith, 15 points. 

57. Scott Bloomquist (1), 14 points. 

58. Tim Wilson, 12 points. 

59. Clate Copeman (1), Matt Sponaugle (1), Doug Drown (1), Mike Wonderling, Gale Huey, Jim Yoder, Jim Bernheisel, Kenny Schaltenbrand, 11 points. 

67. Dave Troutman (2), Chase Jughans (1), Bump Hedman, Brandon Groters, Mike Lupfer, Randy Christine Jr., Dan Stone, Chad McLellan, Bob Dorman, 10 points. 

76. Jake Gunn (1), Ralph Morgan Jr, (1), Russ King, Chad Ruhlman, Bryce Davis, Chuck Clise, John Lobb, 9 points. 

83. Breyton Santee (1), Shawn Claar, Hayes Mattern, Tommy Beck, 8 points. 

87. Custis Teats, Donny Schatz, Tim McCreadie, Andrew Wylie, Ryan Montgormery, Chris Hackett, 7 points. 

93. Roy Deese Jr., Marvin Winters, Gary Stuhler, Darrell Lanigan, Jerry Redden, Ken Trevitz, Shawn Jones, John Britsky, Nathan Hill,  6 points. 

102. Rance Garlock (1), Kyle Lear, Shane McLoughlin, Mike Knight, DJ Troutman, Scott Stein, Jared Hawkins, Andy Fries, Trent Brenneman, John Wayne Weaver, Kyle Knapp, Darrell Bossard, 5 points. 

114. Zack Carley, Joshua Powell, Walker Arthur, Jackie Boggs, Chad Myers, Johnny Lindenpitz, Dan Smeal Jr., Nate Smith, Andy Boozel, 4 points. 

123. Matt Parks, Matt Cochran, Tyler Carpenter, Ryan Christoff, Natahn Lasalle, Billy Dickson, Tony Mussolino, Jamie Lathroum, 3 points. 

131. Clayton Kennedy, Jerry bard, Christian Schneider, Meade Hahn, Larry Hollenbaugh, Ryan Claycomb, Andrew Yoder, Kenny Shaffer, Jermey Ohl, Skip Lindenmuth, 2 pints. 

141. Rick Lias, John Oakes, Allen Brannon, Jake Finnerty, Garrett Mott, Wendell Pinckney, 1 point.

And there you have it, all 146 drivers that scored at least a point this year, and I gotta say, it’s a pretty diverse list. Names from all corners of the state and beyond, and even the best sprint car driver on the planet is in there.

So that’s all for this year folks. Look for pretty much the same type of scoring as this year for next year, and I’ll see ya the Monday after the first super late model race in the state of Pennsylvania in 2019

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