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Happy Birthday! The Dirt Network Celebrates Five Years Online With New Look



One of the dirtiest sites and communities on the internet just got better……

A servant of the sport that we love. That is what we have been proud to be as an online resource and media outlet for five years now. And in that time we’ve grown at a fairly good pace, sufficient to the point that it made sense to not change the philosophy of the things we do at The Dirt Network, but rather marked a time to change the packaging and engagement just a little.

We have decided to move to a new platform for all of you who love what we do and appreciate the coverage and insight on the sport that we provide.  We felt it was best to put a more professional approach to the stories and photography from a visual standpoint. Fans can view it better, drivers and tracks can get a more professional looking story, and we can offer more interactive features and video from our upcoming YouTube channel and a more diverse package of operating widgets to select from.

The style with which we operate does not change. We’ll still be offering the same great National and weekly Lernerville Pick’Em contests. We’ll be at the tracks talking about the night that was in words and pictures. We’ll be giving you insight on drivers with in depth feature stories and offer up commentary and opinion with columns and our TDN Round Table Series. And we’ll still be using the same tongue and cheek style that tries not to take itself too seriously, while still living up to the mission statement we undertook five years ago on this day!


For our sponsors that we love and support us, it means there’s greater visibility than one that was provided for on our blogspot page, and more opportunities to get their message across. We can’t thank them enough for the love they’ve shown us over our five years. We thank them for believing in us when we undertook the mission as a small micro blogger that turned into a cult following with some of the best fans in the sport following along. That faith was a giant step for them all and we have been enriched and motivated by their gestures!

The DIRT Network Staff

On a personal note, I’d like to thank all the journalists that agreed to take up the cause and donated countless hours and diligent work in producing stories that truly couldn’t be found anywhere else. It’s a volunteer job, and it requires passion for dirt racing above and beyond a normal fan experience. I can honestly say that we’ve got one of the best crews around to that end, they live it, eat it and breathe it and have their hands on the pulse of the sport. Thank you for all that you have done these past five years, and I’m looking forward to the next five and beyond together! I’d also like to take the opportunity  to say thank you to all the facilities that have allowed us to have media credentials for our stories. It is truly an honor to get them and use them and we’re grateful for them. Thanks also to the drivers that have allowed us to do in depth interviews and feature stories with them, they’ve been spectacular to work with and very grateful for the finished product, some of our stories have even led to increased levels of sponsorship for them.


Lastly, I want to thanks the fans out there that give us reason to keep going. If you didn’t support us, I’m not sure what we would have become. To do the things that we do, you need some kind of response from whatever audience you attract. You read our stories, played our pick’em games and shared us on social media at a rate that we would have never believed when we started out. Blogs are easy to give up on for many people who start them. But the fact that our numbers kept growing let us know that you were out there. An audience we had no idea we could create as a collection of folks that were not ever professional journalists, but huge superfans that had something to say about the sport. That support and confidence led some of us to professional and semi-professional levels of journalism in both electronic and print media and other websites. And that happened because of you and because of that we are forever grateful!


So look around, check it out (we’re still updating the pages we’ve imported….some of us have day jobs and enjoy a beer now and then but we are getting them updtated!) and have a look at the new home of TDN right here: The Dirt Network Online


The DIRT Network Mission Statement- From November 18, 2013

The mission of The Dirt Network administrators and contributors is to simply serve the dirt racing community including fans, drivers, tracks, sanctions, sponsors and racing related parts manufacturers and distributors. This is accomplished with our promotion of the sport by means of objective opinion, news gathering and sharing, increasing driver connectivity to the fan base, and also by offering sponsors and other industry related organizations another opportunity to get their message across.

We offer a gathering place for all passionate dirt racing community members to constructively submit their opinions free from the current trend of directing negativity towards any track, sanction, division, or driver.

Whether you are a Sprint, Late Model, Modified fan, or a fan of any other division that graces our area speedways, we will provide content to capture the interest of all, the information to help make choices on where get your dirt racing fix on any particular weekend, and the stories behind the drivers who put their heart and soul into their racing operations week in and week out.


TDN News

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