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How streaming PPV has shaped dirt racing

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Let’s face it.  We live in a very busy world and we all have very busy schedules. That in some ways contributes to whether or not we can make it to the race track on any given night.  But have no fear, the streaming PPV internet racing industry is busting at the seams with content from all over the country and world, and never have we had so many options as to what we can do with watching racing. When you really think about it, there isn’t anything negative that can be associated with streaming PPV.

I’ll look at the three biggest names in streaming.  Dirt on Dirt, DirtVision and Speed Shift TV.  All of which offer a variety of racing at your fingertips.  Let’s face it, we all love dirt racing, but on a Wednesday night with work the next day it makes it impossible for me to check out a weekday show halfway across the country, unless of course I’m willing to pay a price to watch that event over the internet.  Not only does the website streaming the event profit, but the race track itself profits as it captures revenue which it wouldn’t have had otherwise which leads to more race tracks being able to stay open and provide us with the entertainment we have grown accustomed to. It’s a win for the track, the drivers and their sponsors, sanctions and promotes and enhances the visibility of the sport and pumps revenue back into the industry as well. Quite truly, the amount of racing available to fans has grown a few times over in the past 15 years and that fact is shaping the sport for the better.

Dirt on Dirt offers every World of Outlaws Late Model Series event, as well as, get this, every DIRTCar Summer Nationals event throughout this summer live.  That means for the price of a monthly FastPass subscription you can watch Summer Nationals action every single night of the week through the summer.  That’s right every single night.  Always wanted to go out and check out a stretch of action from the Hell Tour?  Well here is your chance and you can do it right from your living room.  Dirt on Dirt also offers both the Dirt Late Model Dream and World 100 from Eldora Speedway, as well as the Dirt Million from Mansfield Motor Speedway.

DirtVision offers action from all over the country as well through all of its World Racing Group affiliates.  Just like Dirt on Dirt you can watch every World of Outlaws Late Model Series and DIRTCar Summer Nationals event, but you can also check out action from the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series and the Super DIRTCar Series as well.  And on top of that every weekly Knoxville Raceway event can be found on DirtVision.

The most ambitious schedule belongs to Speed Shift TV, who is constantly adding new content.  Currently their schedule sits at 350 events throughout the 2019 season, and is growing by the day.  Speed Shift carries all of the All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint events, as well as weekly racing from tracks such as Port Royal Speedway, Lincoln Speeedway, Kokomo Speedway, Action Track USA among others.  They event offer multiple events on the same night, some in different time zones so you can catch features on the west coast after east coast racing wraps up.  Speed Shift also offers a FastPass subscription as well.

I’ve heard the argument for the negatives.  I’ve been told that the amount of races being streamed leads to less people at the track, but I don’t buy that.  Dirt racing fans are a die hard bunch and hardly anybody is staying home from the race track and not getting their racing fix to watch something else online.  The quality of the streams are amazing, but it doesn’t beat the actual experience of being at the race track and we all know that.  But at the end of the day we all lead busy lives, and sometimes those lives get in the way of us checking out a race that we would really like to go to.  The option of being able to stream that event is very appealing, and the race track profits from that PPV purchase as well.  Plus it gives you a lot of different options to check out a lot of races that you may not be able to check out otherwise.  I strongly recommend checking out some PPV racing streaming when you have the chance, but keep in mind that the experience of being at the track is like no other.



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