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2019 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

2019 rankings

Hey there race fans, it’s Monday so that means its time for me to update these rankings.

This week saw three new tracks hit the rankings for this year, Hummingbird, Hidden Valley Speedway and Eriez. There were a few more scheduled to open this week too, but they all rained out, and tracks previously scored all rained out too. So the only tracks to score this week were those three new tracks. All shows run were regular shows scored on the five point scale.

Everybody who finished in a top five position was scored, but most of them were running their first show of the season and that means there really isn’t a whole lot of movement in the top ten of  these rankings this week. I suppose that is to be expected.

Rain has really made a mess of things so far this season. Hopefully we see a reprieve in the coming weeks so we can actually get some scored races in.

That said, here’s your top ten.

1. Jeff Rine (2), 23 points.

2. Dylan Yoder, 15 points.

3. Mason Ziegler, 14 points.

4. Jason Covert (1), 13 points.

5. Max Blair (1), 12 points. Max won at Eriez Sunday.

5. Rick Eckert (1), 12 points.

7. Michael Norris (1), 10 points.

8. Colton Flinner (1), 8 points. Colton came home third at Eriez Sunday.

9. Coleby Frye (1), 6 points.

9. Danny Snyder, 6 points.

9. Gregg Satterlee, 6 points.

9. Austin Hubbard, 6 points.

And that’s the twelve (because of ties) for this week. Hopefully we get all the scheduled races in and we can see some results next to all of, at least maybe the majority of the drivers in the top ten. The way this spring has gone weather wise, I’m not sure that’ll happen. Oh well, here’s oping for the best.

Check back next Monday to see who your top ten is after this coming weekend’s action!










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