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The Story from Eriez Speedway- Blair Sweeps; Miller, Boardman and Ferry find Victory Lane

On Sunday May 5th, a new page was turned in the history of Eriez Speedway. Alexander’s Eriez Speedway officially opened its gates to the public. Purchased by former local racer Dave Alexander in the off-season, Eriez’ opening night took place on the first sunny day in a week’s time. The event was greeted by full fields in nearly every class and a packed grandstand.


Street Stocks

Gary Fischer and John Boardman lead the field to green in the first feature of the night. It would only take one corner for Boardman to use the high line to the lead. Boardman lead Pat Fielding and Fischer after lap 1. The next lap Jason Black was able to take the third spot from Fischer. Those two would battle for the second position, both passing Fielding on lap 3. With Boardman taking a commanding lead, Black and Fischer would encounter heavy traffic allowing Fielding to regain the third spot following Black close on the 9th circuit. On lap 11, Tyler Thompson was able to challenge Fielding for the third position. The two would run side by side for several corners before Thomson would take the spot. The Street Stock feature ran uninterrupted with John Boardman finishing first, followed by Jason Black and Tyler Thompson.

John Boardman

15 laps – 21 cars

  1. John Boardman
  2. Jason Black
  3. Tyler Thompson
  4. Chris McGuire
  5. Wesley McCray


Dustin DeMattia and Matt Alexander lead the field to green in the second feature of the evening. Alexander would use the high line to take the lead early over DeMattia and Brian Toto. Caution flew on lap two for Ed Roberts, who had trouble on the back stretch. On the following restart, Alexander retained the lead, with Toto finding his way around DeMattia for second. Caution would again fly on lap 4 for Mike Harmon, Buzz Seitz, and James Myers after a mele in turn 1. The lap 5 restart was lead by Alexander followed by Toto and a charging Mitchell Wright. Caution again flew on lap 7. On the following restart, Kyle Miller would advance from 4th to second followed by Wright. A lap later, we would see the yellow flag again for Kyle Layton, Gary Olsen and Casey Harmon. The ensuing restart was negated by Ashley Rogers and Buzz Seitz coming together inside turn 1. Alexander, Miller, and Wright would follow each other for the next several laps until Miller chose to try the treacherous low line under Alexander on lap 11. Nate Young would follow suit, using the low line to find his way under Wright for the third spot on lap 13. Miller was the first to the checkered flag followed by Alexander and Young.

Kyle Miller



15 laps – 24 cars

  1. Kyle Miller
  2. Matt Alexander
  3. Nate Young
  4. Mitch Wright
  5. Brian Toto

Outlaw E-Mods

Steve Rex and Dennis Lunger lead the third feature to the green flag. Lunger took the high side to the lead on lap 1 over Gary Eicher and Troy Johnson while Rex bounced his way thru the low line. On lap 2 Lunger would make the same mistake that Rex did on the previous lap, attempting to run the low line, and it would cost him the lead and nearly much more as he bicycled thru the corner. Lunger regained control and continued in close pursuit of Eicher. On lap 8 Rich Michael Jr. lost the handle and spun in turn 1 bringing out the caution. Eicher continued to lead on the ensuing restart, with Lunger challenging for the lead on lap 9. Dennis regained the lead the next lap from Eicher. They would continue to challenge each other for the front spot until Rex brought out the caution on lap 14, spinning in turn 3. Eicher lead Lunger and Greg Johnson on the restart. Two laps later on lap 17 Lunger spun in turn four collecting Greg Johnson and Casey Bowers bringing out the yellow once again. This moved Troy Johnson into second and Josh Ferry into third. Ferry quickly made the pass for second on the next restart, and passed Eicher for the lead on lap 18. Josh Ferry finished first, with Gary Eicher, Troy Johnson, Dan Davies and Randy Hall rounding out the top 5.

20 laps – 19 cars

Josh Ferry leading Greg Johnson, Rich Michael jr.
  1. Josh Ferry
  2. Troy Johnson
  3. Gary Eicher
  4. Dan Davies
  5. Randy Hall
  6. Mike Kinney
  7. Tim Rockwell
  8. Hunter Hulley
  9. Casey Bowers
  10. Jarred Silvis

Crate Late Models

Scott Gurdak and Ward Schell lead the RUSH crate late models to the green flag. Schell would use the high line to quickly take the lead, however Gurdak would battle back in the next few laps. The yellow flag waved on lap 3 when Jeremy Wonderling, Clayton Tarabori, and Khole Wanzer became entangled in turn 2. Gurdak lead Schell and Michael Duritsky on the restart. Caution flew again on lap 5 after Wanzer and Brandon Porter spun in turn 4. Porter would attempt to continue, but on the restart he slowed on the back stretch bringing the yellow back out. Duritsky also exited the track with a flat right rear. Gurdak again led the field to green with Max Blair and Kyle Zimmerman rounding out the top 3. The race was slowed again on lap 6, when Wanzer and Tarabori tangled in turn 4 just after Max Blair took the lead. Max lead the field on the following restart, with Zimmerman getting under Gurdak for the second spot. Max quickly ran away while Zimmerman and Gurdak raced side by side for several laps. By lap 11 Blair had built a straghtaway lead over Gurdak, Zimmerman, Eric Wilson, and Jason Genco. Lap 15 Genco passed Wilson for fourth. Max Blair’s huge lead was erased by a lap 18 caution for Dennis Dellinger who slowed on the front stretch. Max lead the last two laps while Zimmerman raced side by side for second with Gurdak. Max Blair took home his first Eriez win of the season over Kyle Zimmerman, Scott Gurdak, Jason Genco, and Matt Latta.

20 laps – 23 carsIMG_0814

  1. Max Blair
  2. Kyle Zimmerman
  3. Scott Gurdak
  4. Jason Genco
  5. Matt Latta
  6. Eric Wilson
  7. Jeremy Wonderling
  8. Ward Schell
  9. Ryan Scott
  10. Zach Wiech

Super Late Models

Alex Ferree and Wyatt Scott lead the Super Late Models to the green flag followed by Max Blair, Dave Hess and Steve Kania. Ferree lead over Scott, Blair, Mike Maresca, and Brandon Groters as Hess pulled off after 1 lap. Caution first flew on lap 3 when Groters spun sideways but continued despite leaving debris on the track. Ferree lead the field back to green followed by Blair, Maresca, Groters, and Kania. The yellow came back out on lap 6 when Bob Dorman spun in turn 3. Under caution Maresca would go pitside to change a flat tire. Ferree lead Blair, Groters, Kania, and Chad Wright on a restart that would fail to get a lap in due to JR Gentry spinning in turn 2.

The field would run another lap under green before slowed again due to Colton Flinner coming to a stop on the apron just before turn 3. Another single lap was ran before Matt Lux spun in turn 2. On the following lap 7 restart 4th place Kania spun in dramatic fashion getting on 2 wheels in front of the field in turn 2. The field finally was able to put together several green laps with Ferree leading Blair, Groters, Wright and Wyatt Scott on lap 8. Chris Hackett passed Scott for 5th on lap 9 and Mike Wonderling would take the 5th spot on lap 10. Ferree had a several carlength lead on the field when caution flew again on lap 18 with Lux slowing on the front stretch and debris in turn 2. Ferree again would take off under the green with Blair close behind. Meanwhile third place was battled for by Groters and Wright who were side by side for much of laps 20 and 21. The last caution of the feature came on lap 23 when Groters, Ryan Scott, Dorman, Brady Wonderling, Doug Eck and others were involved in a backstretch incident that blocked the track. While under caution, Ferree developed a flat right rear and had to go pit side, handing the lead over to Max Blair. Blair lead Flinner, Greg Oakes, Wright and Hackett on the lap 23 restart. Max Blair won with Greg Oakes taking second Colton Flinner third Chad Wright fourth and Chris Hackett fifth.

25 Laps – 25 cars

Max Blair leads Dave Hess
  1. Max Blair
  2. Greg Oakes
  3. Colton Flinner
  4. Chad Wright
  5. Chris Hackett
  6. Mike Wonderling
  7. Brady Wonderling
  8. Doug Eck
  9. Alex Ferree
  10. Brandon Groters


John Zeleznik and Todd Hanlon paced the field to green with Hanlon taking the intial lead. Caution first flew on lap 3 when Jeff Nunemaker fogged turns 1 and 2 with smoke causing Jessica Harvey to spin. Hanlon lead Zeleznik on the restart, with Dillon Speer passing for second the next lap just before Rachel Miller spun in turn two bring out the yellow. Hanlon lead the lap 5 restart over Speer, who pulled off on lap 7 giving second back to Zeleznik. Crossing the line on lap 8, Lane Reinwald lost his right front wheel on the front straightaway, causing the caution flag to wave again. Hanlon would be chased closely by Zeleznik for the final two laps, but at the checkers it was Hanlon, Zeleznik and Casey Burch in third.

Todd Hanlon

10 laps – 25 cars

  1. Todd Hanlon
  2. John Zeleznik
  3. Casey Burch
  4. Charles Sullivan
  5. Rick Feely


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