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4th Annual Don Martin Silver Cup Pickem Contest


Welcome to the 4th Annual Don Martin Silver Cup Contest!! On Tuesday July 15, the World of Outlaw Sprint Cars take on the region’s best sprint car drivers with a few invaders in the mix for twin features at Lernerville Speedway.

For those not familiar, this is a unique format as the field will undergo traditional qualifying procedures for the first feature and for the second one, the field will be inverted (all cars on the lead lap) from their first feature finishes.

It can be a real challenge to pick this one, you’ve got to anticipate what will happen in the second feature. Will the top 5 be able to come back through a stout field to earn high scores for you? Or are you astute enough to select a mix of drivers that can at least win one feature and get top 5 finishes in both finals?

That’s what we’re gonna find out, and we’ll also give out some prizes and have a little fun too.
It’s time to add to our Hall of Fame in our DIRT racing Clairvoyant Society known as Lernerville Pickem.

Here we go!


1. You will select 2 drivers as quick time selections, they can be the same as anyone else’s. If either driver sets quick time, you have earned 10 points.

2. You will then select 3 drivers for EACH feature for a total of 6 drivers. One pick per entry must be different from everyone else’s. In other words, nobody can select the same 6 drivers (3 in each feature) as anybody else.

3. There are NO changes once you’ve made your selections!!!  Please choose carefully and do a little homework. Make sure they’re coming.

4. All entries must be made before 4PM on Tuesday July 15.

5. Entries are submitted as comments to this page. PP If the site is not working for you, simply tweet us @TheDirtNetwork and we’ll get your picks from you. Please ADD YOUR NAME to your picks if your name does not appear. If you log on as anonymous, it is very important!

Tiebreaker Procedure:

1. Average finish of feature selections
2. Time Trial selection average finish
3. Coin Toss
4. Should we still be tied after the coin toss (less than .000001% chance) We will play rock, paper, scissors until our hands go numb or somebody gives up!


1. 10 Points for a quicktime selection
2. 5 points for any of your six drivers that wins a heat
3. feature finishes for your six drivers will be scored as follows:

Win =20 points
2-5 = 15 points
6-10 = 12 points
11-15 = 9 points
16- make the show = 6 points


1st place: $25 Visa Gift Card and a place in our Hall of Fame!
2nd: A never worn, brand new, The DIRT Network Tshirt
3rd: $15 Subway Gift Card

Previous winners:

2011: Brian “Dobie” Compton
2012: Ashley Swartzlander and Gary Heeman (tie)
2013: Toni Marie Carbone

That’s it! We hope you have fun and good luck to all of you. And from all of us here at TDN, thanks for playing!!

Gary Heeman:


Paul McMahan
Joey Saldana

Feature 1:

Daryn Pittman
David Gravel
Paul McMahan

Feature 2:

Donny Schatz
Dale Blaney
Joey Saldana

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  1. Nichole Emmons Picks

    Quick Time:
    Joey Saldana
    Paul McMahan

    Feature 1:
    D Pittman
    P McMahan
    D Gravel

    Feature 2:

    J Saldana
    D Pittman
    P McMahan


  2. Quick Time: Joey Saldana, Ed Lynch Jr

    A Main 1: Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman, Dale Blaney

    A Main 2: Joey Saldana, Jason Sides, Craig Dollansky


  3. Quick: Joey Saldana, Daryn Pittman
    Feature 1: Danny Holtgraver, Donny Schatz, Kerry Madsen
    Feature 2: Daryn Pittman, Tim Schaffer, Joey Saldana


  4. Quick Time: Joey Saldana, Sammy Swindell
    Feature 1: Daryn Pittman, Danny Holtgraver, Joey Saldana
    Feature 2: Donny Schatz, Brad Sweet, Stevie Smith


  5. my name – Chris Kriebel

    quick time – joey saldana , paul mcmahan
    feature 1- daryn pittman, rico abreu, paul mcmahan
    feature 2-jason sides, brad sweet, kerry madsen


  6. Anthony Corini

    Quick Time: Joey Saldana, Paul McMahan
    Feature 1: Kerry Madsen, Donny Schatz, Sammy Swindell
    Feature 2: Danny Holtgraver, Paul McMahan, David Gravel


  7. QT – Dale Blaney, Danny Holtgraver

    Feature 1 – Dale Blaney, Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman

    Feature 2 – Danny Holtgraver, Tim Shaffer, David Gravel


  8. QT- Ed Lynch Jr , Kerry Madsen

    Feature 1 – Tim Shaffer, Kerry Madsen, Paul McMahan
    Feature 2- Steve Kinser, Donny Schatz, Danny Holtgraver


  9. QT: Danny Holtgraver, Tim Shaffer

    Feature 1: Dale Blaney, Donny Schatz, Lance Dewease
    Feature 2: Daryn Pittman, Tim Shaffer, Cody Darrah


  10. Sabrina Donner:

    Quicktime: Kerry Madsen, Dale Blaney

    Feature1: Paul McMahan, Dale Blaney, Danny Holtgraver

    Feature 2: Daryn Pitman, Brad Sweet, David Gravel


  11. Submitted via twitter @32Herr

    Trevor Herr's Picks:

    QT Joey Saldana Ed Lynch

    1. Daryn Pittman Tim Schaffer Dale Blaney
    2. Donny schatz Danny Holtgraver Jac Haudenshield


  12. Quick Time:

    Ed Lynch Jr
    Joey Saldana

    Feature 1:

    Donny Schatz
    Paul McMahan
    Dale Blaney

    Feature 2:

    Danny Holtgraver
    Joey Saldana
    Daryn Pittman


  13. QT: Paul McMahan, Joey Saldana

    Feature 1:

    Donny Schatz
    Danny Holtgraver
    Dale Blaney

    Feature 2

    Tim Shaffer
    Ed Lynch Jr
    Rico Abreu


  14. Anthony Mohrbacher's Picks
    Quick Time: Donny Schatz, Carl Bowser

    Feature 1:
    Daryn Pittman
    Donny Schatz
    Ed Lynch Jr

    Feature 2:
    Shane Stewart
    Danny Holtgraver
    Steve Kinser


  15. Picks from Bill Miller via twitter at 5:34 AM Tuesday July 15. @wrmiller02

    QT – Saldana, Blaney.

    1st Race – Schatz, Blaney, Madsen. 2nd race – Pittman, Holtgraver, Gravel


  16. And Tyler Beichner is your winner, and our newest inductee into the Lernerville Pickem Hall of Fame!

    Top 3
    1. Tyler Beichner -99
    2. Jerin Steele- 93
    3. Ric Blevins- 88


  17. First of all, we want to say thank you to all of you that played! We had a record number of participants and we keep growing every year, because of you!

    The fun's not over yet, we've still got a battle to the finish in Lernerville Fab Four Pickem AND, we'll have a Commonwealth Clash Pickem in September PLUS a World Finals Pickem in November so stay tuned!

    This was a great contest and once again it came down to a few points. In the end Tyler Beichner, who'd been so close to the podium in other contests and Lernerville regular pickem seasons came through to score his first Pickem win! Jerin Steele and Ric Blevins rounded out the podium. Congrats to the three of you, this was a hard podium to be on top of!

    We're off this Friday, but we'll start our Lernerville Pickem Fab Four season back with the event on July 25th. Pickem thread will be up tomorrow night!

    Don Martin Silver Cup Pickem Final Standings!

    1. Tyler Beichner – 99
    2. Jerin Steele -93
    3. Ric Blevins – 88
    4. Ryan Cornman -82
    5. Gary Heeman – 82
    6. Nichole Emmons – 82
    7. Bill Miller – 81
    8. Trever Steele – 79
    9. Jeff Barnes – 79
    10. Sterling -79
    11. Josh Bayko – 78
    12. Sabrina Donner – 76
    13. James Barber- 73
    14. Brian Stievenson – 73
    15. Chris Kriebel- 72
    16. Joey Koteles -71
    17. Anthony Corini – 71
    18. Polish2 – 70
    19. Kim Gerber – 69
    20.Brian Compton – 67
    21. Jason Stearns – 65
    22. Anthony Morbacher – 65
    23. Garrett Morbacker – 62
    24. Trevor Herr – 54
    25. Lee McConnell – 48


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