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4th Annual Firecracker 100 Pick’em Contest

Welcome to our 4th Annual Firecracker 100 Pick’em Contest! We’ll get to the rules in just a moment, but first we want to thank you for playing this year, we hope you have fun and hope it makes your Firecracker experience all the more enjoyable! Now let’s talk some history.
Previous Winners:
2011: Jason Stearns
2012: Brian Compton
2013: Josh Bayko
2014: ???
Drivers List:
The following represents a researched list of drivers who intend on appearing at this year’s race. This list is NO guarantee of appearance of any driver as situations arise sometimes, but it is a good general guideline. Feel free to select drivers that you do not see listed if you know they are coming.
Alex Ferree               Austin Hubbard            Bo Lockwood        Boom Briggs
Brandon Wearing      Brian Birkhofer             Chase Junghans    Chris Rhodes
Chub Frank               Chuck Sarver                Clint Smith           Dale McDowell
Dan Swartzlander      Dan Stone                    Darrell Lanigan     Dave Hess Jr
Dave Murdick            Davey Johnson             Doug Drown           Doug Eck
Eric Wells                 Frankie Heckenast Jr    Garrett Krummert  Gary Lyle
Gregg Satterlee        Herman Bertollini         Jared Miley            Jimmy Mars
Jimmy Owens           John Garvin Jr              John Mollick           Justin Kann
Kenny Schaltenbrand  Mike Altobelli Jr          Mike Benedum       Michael Norris
Mike Pegher Jr          Morgan Bagley              Rick Eckert            Sam Eichellberger   
Scott Bloomquist       Shane Clanton              Tim McCreadie      Todd Bachman
Tommy Beck             Vic Coffey
*As of this time the following are possible entries:
Jared Hawkins      Mike Knight             Mason Ziegler               Brian Swartzlander
Eddie Carrier Jr     Bump Hedman        Kyle Bronson                Dan Angellichio
Brady Smith
1st Place: $25 Visa Gift Card
2nd Place: Official DIRT Network TShirt
3rd Place: $15 Subway Gift Card
And a place in our Lernerville Pickem Hall of Fame!
It’s really simple!
1. All Entries Must Be Received No Later than 4PM THURSDAY 6/26
2. You will select 2 drivers as quick time selections
3. You will then select 4 Drivers For AMain finishes
4. All Entries Must be made as Comments to this page, Just post below
5. Choose well, once you’ve made your selections there are NO changes
6. All selections will be scored for all 3 days of the event.
7. Your quicktime selections may be the same as anybody elses, but….
8. Your AMain selections must contain 1 driver different from anybody else. In other words, no one can copy your original slate of drivers for your AMain choices.
9. Should you encounter difficulty using the comments to make your picks, you may inform us @TheDirtNetwork on twitter and submit picks via twitter, only if you’ve tried to make your picks as comments to this page!
10. Please add your name to your picks in case the site picks you up as an anonymous player, Do Not forget to put your name on your picks!
11. Only one set of picks per player
Quicktime Picks will score as bonus points. Should either of your picks set the fastest overall time trial on either Thursday or Friday (No Time Trials on Saturday) you will be awarded 10 points.
Amain Picks will be scored as follows in the main event:
Win = 20 Points
Positions: 2-5 = 15
               6-10 = 12
               11-15 = 9
               16-24 = 6
If your Amain drivers should win a heat on any of the three nights, you will be awarded 5 bonus points.
After Saturday night, we’ll add up everyone’s point totals for all 3 days, highest one is your winner!

Thank you all for playing! We wish you good luck and if you’re coming to the Firecracker in person we hope you have a great time!
With that being said, I’ll start us off!
Gary Heeman:
Scott Bloomquist
Darrell Lanigan
Dale McDowell
Rick Eckert
Tim McCreadie
Gregg Satterlee

35 thoughts on “4th Annual Firecracker 100 Pick’em Contest Leave a comment

  1. Quick Time

    Rick Eckert
    Scott Bloomquist

    A Main

    Scott Bloomquist
    Darrell Lanigan
    Rick Eckert
    Jimmy Owens


  2. QT – Darrell Lanigan and Rick Eckert
    A-Main – Darrell Lanigan
    Rick Eckert
    Brian Birkhofer
    Eric Wells


  3. Quick Time:

    Greg Satterlee
    Rick Eckert

    A Main:
    Scott Bloomquist
    Jimmy Owens
    Shane Clanton
    Brian Birkhofer


  4. Quick Time:
    Tim Mcreadie
    Darrell Lanigan

    A Main:
    Chub Frank
    Jimmy Owens
    Scott Bloomquist
    Clint Smith


  5. Quick Time:
    Scott Bloomquist
    Jimmy Owens


    Scott Bloomquist
    Jimmy Owens
    Dale Mcdowell

    – Ryan Wozniak, @wazze100 on twitter
    Shane Clanton


  6. Quick Time: Scott Bloomquist/ Tim McCreadie

    Darrell Lanigan
    Scott Bloomquist
    Gregg Satterlee
    Tim McCreadie


  7. Garrett Parker
    Quick Time- Darrell Lanigan Don O'Neal

    Don O'Neal Rick Eckert Dave Hess Jr Scott Bloomquist


  8. Nichole Emmons Picks For The Firecracker Happy 4th Of July To Everyone!! Good Luck You All 🙂

    Quick Time



  9. Picks Submitted by Branden Lockwich via twitter @cleetusinc

    Fast Time : Rick Eckert and Dale McDowell
    A Main – Scott Bloomquist, Darrell Lanigan, Rick Ecket and Tim McCreadie


  10. Standings after Thursday night. 6/26

    1. James Barber- 77
    2. Ron Gursky- 74
    3. Garrett Morbacher- 74
    4. Jerin Steele- 74
    5. Eric Burton- 66
    6. Alex Sullivan- 66
    7. Branden Lockwich- 66
    8. Brian Compton- 63
    9. Frank Iudciani- 61
    10. Steve Prince – 57
    11. Ryan Wozniak- 55
    12. Kim Gerber- 54
    13. Ryan Cornman- 54
    14. Trever Steele- 52
    15. Blake Stover- 52
    16. Joey Koteles- 51
    17. Pat Miller- 51
    18. Brian Stiveson- 51
    19. Aaron Meija- 49
    20. Tyler Beichner- 49
    21. Jeff Barnes- 46
    22. Nichole Emmons- 45
    23. Chris Habbyshaw- 43
    24. Jason Stearns- 38
    25. Garrett Parker- 38
    26. Lance Baker- 37
    27. Brad Rapp- 35
    28. Joe Herniak- 32
    29. Gary Heeman- 30
    30. Josh Bayko- 27


  11. Friday Night's Scores- 6/27

    1. Blake Stover- 71
    2. Garrett Morbacher- 69
    3. James Barber- 60
    4. Pat Miller- 58
    5. Nichole Emmons-55
    6. Ryan Wozniak- 54
    7. Brian Stiveson- 54
    8. Ron Gursky- 54
    9. Frank Iudciani- 51
    10. Branden Lockwich- 50
    11. Brad Rapp- 50
    12. Ryan Cornman- 50
    13. Eric Burton- 50
    14. Tyler Beichner- 45
    15. Brian Compton- 44
    16. Kim Gerber- 44
    17. Jeff Barnes- 43
    18. Josh Bayko- 42
    19. Jerin Steele- 41
    20. Steve Prince- 41
    21. Joe Herniak- 41
    22. Trever Steele- 39
    23. Aaron Meija- 39
    24. Joey Koteles- 38
    25. Lance Baker- 36
    26. Alex Sullivan- 35
    27. Gary Heeman- 27
    28. Garrett Parker- 26
    29. Chris Habbyshaw- 21
    30. Jason Stearns- 15


  12. First of all, I want to say thank you to each of you for participating! This was a record turnout and it keeps getting better every year. Congrats to our winner Garrett Morbacher!

    Final Standings:

    1. Garrett Morbacher- 208
    2. James Barber- 202
    3. Roy Gursky- 199
    4. Jerin Steele- 186
    5. Eric Burton-179
    6. Branden Lockwich- 179
    7. Brian Compton- 176

    More to come


  13. 8. Blake Stover- 172
    9. Alex Sullivan- 170
    10. Frank Iudciani – 167
    11. Ryan Cornman- 164
    12. Pat Miller- 160
    13. Steve Prince-158
    14. Nichole Emmons- 157
    15. Ryan Wozniak- 155
    16. Kim Gerber- 147
    17. Trever Steele 146
    18. Tyler Beichner- 140
    19. Jeff Barnes- 138
    20. Brian Stiveson-136
    21. Brad Rapp- 135
    22. Aaron Meija- 134
    23. Joey Koteles- 134
    24. Lance Baker- 128
    25. Josh Bayko- 113
    26. Joe Herniak- 111
    27. Chris Habbyshaw- 110
    28. Garrett Parker- 99
    29. Gary Heeman- 98
    30. Jason Stearns- 93


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