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TDN’s 4th Annual Commonwealth Clash Pickem Contest

Next on our pickem schedule this year is the 4th annual Commonwealth Clash Pickem Contest! Mother nature won last years contest, prompting us to move it to the National Open at Williams Grove, but this year things are looking good weather wise.

So, are you ready to become a member of the DIRT clairvoyant society known as the TDN Pickem Hall of Fame? Can you predict how the top 5 will cross the finish line? Can you tell us what Saturday’s winning powerball numbers will be?

Most likely not. But, we’ve got a top prize featuring a $25.00 Visa Gift Card awaiting the player who can accumulate the most points by picking five drivers. Your selections will be scored by their finish in the feature.

Previous Winners:

2011: Charles Taninecz
2012: Brian “Dobie” Compton
2013:  Trever Steele (Won National Open Pickem Contest in lieu of Rained out Event)


1. You will select five drivers, one must be different from anybody else’s selections so nobody has the same exact five picks.
2. All entries must be made before the deadline which is 4:00 PM Saturday September 20.
3. All entries must be made as a comment to this page. If the site is not working properly for you, you may make selections via twitter to @TheDirtNetwork
4. You may make a change, only if it is before the deadline, and only if it doesn’t give you the same five drivers as anybody else


1. Should any of your drivers set quicktime, you will be awarded 20 points
2. Should any of your drivers win a heat OR a last chance showdown, you will be awarded 10 points
3. Feature Scoring for each driver will be as follows

Win = 24
Top 5 = 16
Top 10 = 12
Top 15 = 8
16-Make the show = 4

1. Greatest number of drivers in the top 5
2. Fewest number of drivers out of the top 10
3. Player who submitted their entry first.

Thank you all very much for playing and good luck to you all! Have fun! And remember that our pickem’s are always free of charge!

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  1. What a close contest! TDN Pickem Legends Jason Stearns (2010 Lernerville Pickem Champ) and 2014 Champ Jeff Barnes, each finished with 90 points! We used our first tiebreaker which was greatest number of picks in the top 5, and are happy to announce that Jeff Barnes is your Commonwealth Clash Pickem Contest Winner!

    We want to thank everyone for playing! We hope you had fun and that it added to your experience at the track this past Saturday! We still have one Special Pickem left, the 3rd Annual World Finals Pickem Contest. Stay tuned, we'll have further announcements about it coming soon!

    Final Standings:

    1. Jeff Barnes- 90 *wins tiebreaker
    2. Jason Stearns- 90
    3. Jeff Boyum- 86
    4. James Barber- 82
    5. Lee McConnell- 80
    6. Jerin Steele- 78
    7. Blake Stover- 74
    8. Andrew Loria- 70
    9. Gary Heeman- 70
    10. Kriebel- 68
    11. Sabrina Donner- 66
    12. Cleind- 64
    13. Pat Miller- 64
    14. Cody Huson- 62
    15. Tyler Beichner- 60
    16. Ric Blevins- 60
    17. Trever Steele- 58
    18. Brian Compton- 56
    19. William Miller- 44
    20. Butch Sherwin- 40
    21. Nick Halbedl- 36


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