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2014 NDRL Winter Extreme Central

We could use some music to read by here. So this one goes out to all you fans and drivers that hauled ass to Arizona this week. Just open it up, ignore the ad,  turn the volume up all the way, and then come right back here to continue reading, seriously it’s a good effect…try it!

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Can you smell that? The luxurious scent of racing fuel charging through 800+ horsepower late models? We can, and we’re three time zones away! It will be thick in the air starting tomorrow night at Tucson International Raceway as the NDRL takes over and hosts a week’s worth of Super Late Model Action. It’s a time for some drivers to get used to a new chassis program, or to shake down what they’ve built for the 2014 season, or to take a great racing vacation and visit with old acquaintances while taking in adult beverages and other assorted shenanigans.


Friday Jan 10- Practice from 6 pm to 9 pm (8 pm to 11 pm EASTERN)
Saturday Jan 11- Night 1: $3,000 to win  4pm to 9 pm (6 pm to 11 pm EASTERN) *Dirt on Dirt PPV broadcast starts at 5:40 EASTERN
Sunday Jan 12- Night 2: $5,000 to win  2pm to 7 pm (4 pm to 10 pm EASTERN) *Dirt on Dirt PPV broadcast starts at 3:40 EASTERN
Monday Jan 13- No Racing
Tuesday Jan 14- No Racing
Wednesday Jan 15- Night 3: $3,000 to win  6pm to 10 pm (8 pm to midnight EASTERN) *Dirt on Dirt PPV broadcast starts at 6:40 pm EASTERN
Thursday Jan 16- No Racing
Friday Jan 17- Night 4: $3,000 to win 6 to 10 pm (8 pm to midnight EASTERN) *Dirt on Dirt PPV broadcast starts at 6:40 pm Eastern
Saturday Jan 18- Night 5: $5,000 to win  4 pm to 9 pm (6 pm to 11 pm EASTERN) *Dirt on Dirt PPV broadcast starts at 4:40 pm EASTERN
Sunday Jan 19- Night 6: $10,000 to win  2 pm to 7 pm (4 pm to 9 pm EASTERN) *Dirt on Dirt PPV broadcast starts at 3:40 pm EASTERN

At Stake:

If any driver can win every single race, there’s $29,000 for them to take back home, plus a mini point fund. In an interesting undertaking, the NDRL got creative with assisting driver’s financial capabilities to attend with a program called “Gold Rush Program” where fans could pay $25.00 and vote for a driver to attend.

Tuscon International Raceway:

Here’s some late model video for those who’ve never laid their eyes on the place. Since some of the events will happen early in the afternoon sun and there’s a good many cars with lots of horsepower turning laps, expect some dry slick conditions to occur and perhaps some tackier conditions on the later starts. Of course the track prep crew could throw everyone a curve which is what makes dirt racing so awesome. Most nights, the heats will actually occur in bright sunshine and the features will take place under cover of nightfall.

Turns 1 and 2 look significantly tighter than the multi groove turns 3 and 4. There is a slight bit of banking. It is 3/8 of a mile in length and features a clay surface.

Late Model Action from Tuscon Int’l Raceway


Weather guru Trever Steele has already gone ahead taken a look at the weather for the upcoming weekend and will be updating as the week progresses.

As much of the country begins to recover from a deep freeze, the Dirt Racing World focuses its attention westward to sunny and mild Arizona. The NDRL kicks off its campaign this weekend with a pair of non points races at Tucson International Speedway in Arizona.  Overall, this weekend will pretty much meet expectations for January in Arizona, as mild temps and dry conditions will dominate the weekend.”

You can keep tabs on the weather for Tucson all this week at our dirt/weather companion site Raceday Weather

Raceday Weather NDRL Winter Extreme Page


50 Drivers took practice on Friday night. Others will join Saturday and Donny Schatz on Sunday. As of now it looks to be a 60+ count for the week!

The field includes 5 Canadians as well.

By State:

Arizona- 8
Missouri- 5
Pennsylvania- 2
Minnesota- 4
New York- 1
Arkansas- 3
North Dakota- 2
Oregon- 1
Texas- 2
Wisconsin- 3
New Mexico- 4
Iowa- 2
Oklahoma- 1
Nebraska- 1
Indiana- 1
Kansas- 1
West Virginia- 1

Current Drivers in Tucson

Max Blair
Tony Jackson Jr
Billy Moyer
Billy Moyer Jr
William Thomas
Brandon Sheppard
Tim Fuller
Terry Phillips
Jimmy Mars
Kent Robinson
Mason Ziegler
John Blankenship
Pat Doar
Chris Simpson
Travis Dickies
AJ Diemel
Morgan Bagley
Shane Clanton
Ricky Weiss
Jesse Stovall
Will Vaught
Ryan Gustin
Joey Moriarty
Nick Bartels
Sean Bray
Robert Sanders
Kyle Beard
Jason Hughes
Donny Schatz
Trevor Glaser
Dave Smith
Travis Dickes
Marshall Miles
Jason Krohn
Mike Balcaen
Tyson Turnbull
Steve Pfeifer
Zach McMillan
Justin Kay
Larry Childress
Chase Junghans
Brad Williams
Nick Bartels
Don Shaw
Garrett Alberson
Jeff Whyman
Bill Bartels
Jordan Yaggy
Justin Asplin
James Laing
Lance Matthees
Jason Papich
Tony Toste
Dave Deetz
Dana Fite
Clay Daly
Rick Ortega
Terry Belcher
Greg Jelvik

Pay Per View:

DirtonDIRT has complete Winter Extreme Packages for about $65, or $20 a night. If you’ve never seen their pay per view broadcasts, they are EXCELLENT and well worth the money. You’ll see not only the action on the track, but driver interviews and much more. The production value is fantastic, and if you watch through a laptop and connect it to a television, there is not a closer experience to physically being at the track!  Do yourself a favor and subscribe first as a monthly member (you’ll thank us) first!

For more information click here:

Winter Extreme Pay Per View via DIRTonDIRT

Follow the news live on Twitter:


and also, you can follow the hashtag #WinterExtreme for updates as well.

On Facebook:
Tucson Int’l Raceway Facebook Page

What to Expect:

We’d expect some great racing actually and that’s no bs. This event has grown from the days when it was called the “Wild West Shootout” where basically Billy Moyer and Jimmy Mars would torment some of the lesser known western talent. Two things happened, the locals got better, and more drivers from the east discovered it was a great place and time to test and tune. Now, with NDRL sanctioning, the event looks primed to take off in terms of car count and big names.

5 questions:

1. Moyer debuts Longhorn Chassis. How quickly will he be able to dial it in and win races?
2. Can Tim Fuller continue last year’s Tucson success?
3. Can Jimmy Mars rebound from a subpar 2013 season by starting out strong in Tucson?
4. Will Pat Doar surprise a few people?
5. Can Will Thomas continue his hot streak?

Staff Predictions: Who will take home the point series for Tuscon?

Josh Bayko Says-  Moyer Sr, or Tim Fuller
Tyler Beichner Says- John Blankenship
Brian Compton Says- Moyer Sr
Jerin Steele Says- Jimmy Mars
Trever Steele Says- Moyer Sr
Gary Heeman Says- Terry Phillips


We will post updated results nightly here, and keep an updated tally of the points for the week. So be sure to check back to this page daily!!

Friday January 10th:

50 NDRL Late Models took practice on Friday night. Jimmy Mars had the fastest time among those cars.

Saturday January 11th: ($3,000 to win): 57 cars

*Starting position in parenthesis

1. (1) RC Whitwell
2. (5)  Billy Moyer
3. (13) Will Vaught
4.(4)  Jimmy Mars
5.(9) Shane Clanton
6.(7)  Chris Simpson
7. (8) Morgan Bagley
8. (2) Chase Junghans
9. (19)Terry Phillips
10. (20) John Blankenship
11.(3)  Billy Moyer Jr
12. (21) AJ Diemel
13. (15) Ryan Gustin
14.(11)  Tony Jackson Jr
15. (18) Justin Asplin
16. (10) Jason Krohn
17. (24) Garrett Alberson
18. (22) Travis Dickes
19.(23)  Pat Doar
20.(12) Rob Sanders
21.(14)  Jesse Stovall
22. (16) Joey Moriarty
23. (6) Jason Papich
24. (17) Tim Fuller

Notables that failed to make the show:
Kent Robinson, Max Blair, William Thomas, Mason Ziegler

Sunday January 12th ($5,000 to win) 54 Cars:

*Starting positions in parentheses

1. ( 1)Billy Moyer Jr
2. (3) Tony Toste
3. (6) Jimmy Mars
4. (5) Clay Daly
5. (10) RC Whitwell
6. (14) Will  Vaught
7. (12) Billy Moyer
8. (8) AJ Diemel
9. (11) Justin Asplin
10. (13) Jason Krohn
11. (4) Ricky Weiss
12. (18) Pat Doar
13. (23) Brad Williams
14. (21) Morgan Bagley
15. (16) Tim Fuller
16. (19) John Blankenship
17. (24) Garrett Alberson
18. (22) Joey Moriarty
19. (7) Ryan Gustin
20. (15) Tony Jackson Jr
21. (2) Terry Phillips
22. (20) Mason Zeigler
23. (17) Kent Robinson
24. (9) Justin Kay

Notables that failed to make the show:

Shane Clanton, Chris Simpson, Max Blair, Donny Schatz, William Thomas
*Starting Positions in Parentheses

Wednesday January 15th ($3,000 to win) 49 cars

1. (2) Billy Moyer
2. (6) Brandon Sheppard
3. (1) Chase Junghans
4. (9) Jimmy Mars
5. (19) Chris Simpson
6. (15) Kent Robinson
7. (7) Donny Schatz
8. (8) Pat Doar
9. (16) Travis Dickes
10. (11) Shane Clanton
11. (4) Rob Sanders
12. (21) Justin Kay
13. (23) Jason Krohn
14. (13) Jason Papich
15. (24) Clay Daly
16. (12) Tony Toste
17. (17) Jason Hughes
18. (23) Ricky Weiss
19. (14) Dave Smith
20. (10) AJ Diemel
21. (3) Terry Phillips
22. (20) Tony Jackson Jr
23. (5) Mike Balcaen
24. (18) Joey Moriarty

Notables that failed to make the show:

Billy Moyer Jr, Tim Fuller, Morgan Bagley, Ryan Gustin, RC Whitwell, John Blankenship,
Will Vaught

Friday January 17th ($3,000 to win) 56 cars

1. (3) Tim Fuller
2. (7) Ryan Gustin
3. (1) Billy Moyer
4. (13) Jimmy Mars
5. (4) Shane Clanton
6. (5) Tony Jackson Jr
7. (6) AJ Diemel
8. (8) Garrett Alberson
9. (6) Ricky Weiss
10. (21) Chris Simpson
11. (10) Jordan Yaggy
12. (19) John Blankenship
13. (13) Jason Hughes
14. (12) Justin Asplin
15. (15) Max Blair
16. (16) Tony Toste
17. (18) Clay Daly
18. (24) Jason Papich
19. (2) RC Whitwell
20. (9) Kent Robinson
21. (20) Rob Sanders
22. (23) Nick Bartels
23. (14) Mason Ziegler
24. (22) Donny Schatz

Notables that failed to make the show:

Pat Doar, Will Vaught, Billy Moyer Jr, Terry Phillips, Brandon Sheppard, Chase Junghans

Saturday Jan 18th ($5,000 to win) 56 Cars
*Starting position in parentheses

1. (1) Jimmy Mars
2. (10) John Blankenship
3. (3) Billy Moyer Jr
4. (5) Ryan Gustin
5. (4) Tony Jackson Jr
6. (2) Justin Asplin
7. (16) Tim Fuller
8. (9) Jason Krohn
9. (6) Pat Doar
10. (22) Jason Hughes
11. (7) Max Blair
12. (13) Ricky Weiss
13. (11) Jason Papich
14. (17) Tony Toste
15. (12) Brandon Sheppard
16. (20) Justin Kay
17. (16) Shane Clanton
18. (23) Will Vaught
19. (14) Chris Simpson
20. (18) Kent Robinson
21. (24) Terry Phillips
22. (19) AJ Diemel
23. (22) Billy Moyer Sr
24. (8) Travis Dickes

Notables that failed to make the show:

Chase Junghans, Donny Schatz, Mason Ziegler, Morgan Bagley

Sunday Jan 19th ($10,000 to win) 52 Cars
*Starting positions in parentheses

1. (2) Ryan Gustin
2. (2) Shane Clanton
3. (5) John Blankenship
4. (6) AJ Diemel
5. (4) Kent Robinson
6. (10) RC Whitwell
7. (8) Chase Junghans
8. (12) Jimmy Mars
9. (16) Morgan Bagley
10. (13) Tim Fuller
11. (18) Will Vaught
12. (14) Donny Schatz
13. (9) Justin Asplin
14. (11) Jason Papich
15. (24) Jordan Yaggy
16. (1) Chris Simpson
17. (19) Billy Moyer Sr
18. (15) Justin Kay
19. (21) Garrett Alberson
20. (22) Terry Phillips
21. (20) Brandon Sheppard
22. (18) Travis Dickes
23. (8) Mike Balcaen
24. (23) Max Blair

Notables that failed to make the show:

Pat Doar, Tony Jackson Jr, Billy Moyer Jr, Mason Ziegler

Current Statistics

 The following drivers have made all SIX features during the Winter Extreme

1. Billy Moyer Sr 
2. Jimmy Mars
6. AJ Diemel 

Heat Race Wins:

Billy Moyer Sr-3
Billy Moyer Jr-3
Jimmy Mars-3
Ryan Gustin-3
Terry Phillips-2
Shane Clanton-2
Chase Junghans-2
RC Whitwell-2
Tony Jackson Jr-2
Clay Daly-1
Tony Toste-1
Jason Papich-1
Rob Sanders-1
Mike Balcaen-1
Brandon Sheppard-1
Tim Fuller-1
John Blankenship-1
Ricky Weiss-1
Pat Doar-1
Justin Asplin-1
Chris Simpson-1
AJ Diemel-1
Kent Robinson-1

BMain Wins:

John Blankenship-3
Billy Moyer Sr-2
AJ Diemel-2
Chris Simpson-2
Justin Kay-2
Brandon Sheppard-1
Mason Ziegler-1
Morgan Bagley-1
Terry Phillips-1
Tony Jackson Jr-1
Lance Mathees-1

Best Qualifying Times For The Week:

Donny Schatz-15.434 (Wednesday Jan 15th)
Donny Schatz- 15.487 (Friday Jan 17th)
Billy Moyer- 15.492 (Friday Jan 17th)
Chase Junghans- 15.550 (Friday Jan 17th)
RC Whitwell- 15.563 (Friday Jan 17th)
Tim Fuller- 15.698 (Friday Jan 17th)
Ryan Gustin- 15.731 (Friday Jan 17th)
AJ Diemel- 15.756 (Friday Jan 17th)

Money Won: (totals do not include contingency award money)

Ryan Gustin $13450.00
Jimmy Mars $9850.00
Shane Clanton $7600.00
Billy Moyer Sr $7600.00
Billy Moyer Jr $6950.00
John Blankenship $6000.00
RC Whitwell $5900.00
Tim Fuller $5550.00
AJ Diemel $4650.00
Tony Toste $3550.00
Will Vaught $3500.00
Terry Phillips $2850.00
Brandon Sheppard $2800.00



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