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Lernerville Week 2; Get out that Silver Jacket….and bring your lady while you’re at it

Mother nature’s going to give a good effort to crash the party out in Sarver today, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to be successful. With all eyes on the forecast, week two at Lernerville is still very much running as scheduled until you hear otherwise.

Tonight is Silver Jacket and Ladies night! But the guys aren’t totally out of the mix, especially if you’ve got one of those legendary satin, silver Lernerville jackets. Either way whether you’re a lady or a guy with a jacket, you’re in for $7 tonight if you can get there by 7:00 pm.

So, check in on the weather, and also get Lernerville’s Rained Out app if you’ve not done so already. It can save you time and gas money. Rained Out Alerts-Lernerville

Things to be looking at tonight. (aside from that babe that just sat down next to you)


Last week’s winner, Danny Holtgraver, finds himself in central, PA this week and we’re not totally sure about Logan Wagner’s or Andre Layfield’s or Sheldon Haudenschield’s plans, but most of the gang should be back in action this week, and perhaps a few other cars that weren’t ready last week or had rain change their plans and sent them in Lernerville’s direction.

Look for Carl Bowser to remain a threat, as well as Cory Good while Brandon Spithaler and Eric Williams look to rebound from an unfortunate week 1. Brandon Matus should be in the mix as he always seems to be. But look for Jack Sodeman Jr and Mike Lutz to crash the top 5 tonight, Lutz looked particularly impressive last week.


Russ King took home the prize last week so if he’s there, he’ll have to start towards the middle. And climbing to the front in late models can be difficult without some restarts. Look for the same cast of characters to be battling for the win tonight as Mike Pegher Jr, Jared Miley and Alex Ferree look to take home their first win of the season.

You might want to keep the eyes on Kenny Schaltenbrand, always a dark horse threat, but the more comfortable he gets in old/new piece he brought last week, the better he might be. Also, we’d not be surprised if Brian Swartzlander took his first career late model win this season, and tonight might be as good as any.


In terms of invaders not being there this week, only Erick Rudolph will not be gracing us with his presence as Ransomville and the Fulton SuperDIRTcar Series show on Saturday will find him doing battle there. The modified tour opener tomorrow will also find Swartzlander and perhaps Jeremiah Shingledecker, so there’ll be some local competition traveling on Saturday to take their shot at some big money against the best of the best.

What to look for this week? Probably what has emerged as a weekly battle for Lernerville modified supremacy as Swartzlander will have to come from mid pack where he’ll have to chase 2013 champion Mat Williamson. The two have already waged some epic, and very clean, battles for the win over the last year and one race into this one and that probably looks to continue here.

But, having a say on the matter will be Dave Murdick, Jeremiah Shingledecker, and Brad Rapp as well as Rex King Sr and Jr. And it might just be a week where the winner comes from this group.

One thing’s for sure, the depth of the top level of modified competitors at the ville has stretched beyond 3 or 4 cars. And it’s great to see.


So, how long will it take Corey McPherson to get to the lead this week? It’s a question many ask right around 10:00 pm or so on most Friday’s at Lernerville. It’s a good question too as he has seemingly mastered the place the last three seasons.

But last week, even though the question was answered fairly quickly, he still had one last car to pass. Terry Young was it, and he didn’t give an inch in an impressive opening week win.  It’ll be harder this week perhaps, or will it? A much improved Mark Sanders, and Brett McDonald might have something to say here this year, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

We don’t need to tell you to watch out for Jim Fosnaught, Joe Kelly, Bob Egley, and Rob Shook who looks ready to once again find a place in the top 5 on a weekly basis.  But the honest to god truth here is that 15 or so different drivers can get it done here and it’s what makes it the feature to watch on many Fab Four Fridays.

That’s it, see you at the track!



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