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Rain Rain Go Away!

As of this Afternoon, the following tracks in PA and OH have fallen victim to a slow moving cold front! And while this sucks as we were all looking forward to heading on to our destinations of choice, it’s good to know as soon as possible.

So, we’ll keep this page updated with cancellations as they come in:

Cancellations for Friday 4/25:

Lernerville Speedway

Bradford Speedway

Limaland (OH)

Hagerstown (MD) LODLM – No Rain Date- Event Cancelled

Attica Raceway Park

Bedford Speedway

Williams Grove

12:48 PM: As of right now, Attica and the Grove are still on though the former looks a little better than the latter. Stay tuned to see where you might get to travel if you’re in the market for a race tonight.

1:06 PM: Attica has now cancelled too. Not looking good for the Grove either but they’re still in play as of this minute. If you like late models and covered grandstands, Bedford Speedway has not cancelled yet. We’ll post it here if /when they do.

2:38 PM: And Bedford calls it a night. Williams Grove is still running as of right now. Hardest precip looks like it’ll arrive around 7 ish tonight. Big Diamond (PA) is still racing tonight but from this area you’d have to haul the mail at around 85 mph to get there in time to get your monies worth.

3:30 PM: Williams Grove thinks better of it and packs it in for the night, not exactly sure if the All Star Sprints/ARDC Midget show will be re-scheduled, we can only hope.

So far it’s a total washout for the immediate area. Better luck next Friday.

But Saturday is a new day. Be sure to check Raceday Weather for the latest weather forecasts for area tracks.

Maybe we should organize a DTR2 rainout club for these nights……….do some keyboard racing.

Stay Dirty Everyone!



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