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NE Modified April Rankings; Sheppard Finds Way to the Top; Swartzlander Supreme in West

Well now we have the first month of racing in the books in the North East Modified ranks as a few big races have taken place and most of the home tracks have fired up for the season.

Now, it’s time to give out the marks for the month of April!

So what we have for criteria is pretty much the following:

1. How many races did the driver partake in
2. How big are the purses
3. What’s the level of competition at home tracks or in special events
4. Bad luck factor wrecks, mechanical problems..etc

Basically, WRG events including home tracks, ROC events and 358 modified in both Niagara region and Eastern PA/NJ are all taken into account as well as the new Short Track Super Series events. Sail panels or not, Hoosier or American Racer, it doesn’t matter.

This is for entertainment purposes only, we like to have fun, but if you object to the order of the list, leave a comment, just remember though, we don’t tolerate vulgarity.

April NE Modified Rankings:

1. Matt Sheppard- Good ROC Results including a win at Five Mile Point in the Hansell 357 while taking a Fonda win early on.

2. Brett Hearn- Solid wins at Lebanon Valley and Albany-Saratoga early on.

3. Stewart Friesen- Great early ROC results with a win and a win at Fonda as well.

4. Billy Decker- Might be a matter of weeks before he vaults into the top 3.

5. Andy Bachetti- He’s here for the Hard Clay Open win at OCFS as his Lebanon Valley finishes have been diminished. It’s early yet and perhaps some wins over Hearn on Saturday nights will keep him here, we’ll see.

Ryan Watt Wins ROC opener at Bridgeport

6. Ryan Watt- Scored a big ROC tour win at Bridgeport on Easter Sunday and took checkers at Big Diamond too. Worth keeping an eye on.

7. Gary Tomkins- Alright we admit, he’s here for the Corcoran Memorial win which most fans completely enjoyed. But still, that was a long race and great competition. He just might stay in the top 10 for a while.

8. Jimmy Phelps- Nice early season results, still in search of first 2014 win. (it’s coming soon)

9 Ryan Godown- Took home nice prize in ROC opener at New Egypt. We’d love to see him do complete SDS tour.

10. Billy Pauch- Even at the same track, 3 wins are 3 wins. Too bad a DQ negated the 4th. We’ll see what he ends up doing next week, it’ll be interesting to see.

Billy Pauch won 3 in a row at NES and had 4th win stripped with a  DQ

Honorable Mention:

Mike Mahaney- Beat a stacked field at Utica-Rome Sunday 4/27, and took a top 10 in Corcoran Memorial.  Look for big things.

Billy Dunn- 2013 Syracuse winner has just started up regular season festivities but took home 2nd at Corcoran Memorial

Anthony Perrego- Some top 10’s early on against good fields and his Volusia performance put him on the watch list for more passive NE Modified followers.

Justin Haers- Is this the year he becomes a household name outside of the Northeast?

Doug Manmiller- Always keeping an eye on Manmiller, took win at Grandview 4/26 and lots more wins to come in 2014.

Brian Swartzlander

Western PA/Eastern OH (Western Frontier)

1. Brian Swartzlander. Held off charge from Williamson opening week at Lernerville to secure opening night win.

2. Mat Williamson. Figures to continue epic and clean driven battle with Swartzlander for area mod supremacy.

3.  Erick Rudolph. Okay, so he’s not a part of the traditional geography. We’re still glad he came down and took part in April action in the area. Two podiums in two attempts at Lernerville and Sharon.

4. Rex King Jr. Cooter takes checkers at Sharon Speeway 4/26 with Swartzlander and Shingledecker in the house

5. Jeremiah Shingledecker. New engine gremlins opening week at Lernerville, but solid 2nd at Sharon the following week.

6. Rex King Sr. Opening week winner at Sharon

7. Dave Murdick. Will we see him go on a tear the likes of 2013 this year? It’s a good bet.

8. Brad Rapp. At some point, good luck will have to shine on the Doctor!

9. Jim Weller Jr- Top 5 car every week at Sharon it seems. Wish he’d find a way to Lernerville more often.

10. Frank Guidace. Mercer legend can still bring it with week 2 win at Mercer.





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