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Jacobs, McPherson Win Thrillers, Pegher gets Second Win, and King Jr Extends Points Lead at Lernerville

On a pristine night at the Sarver oval fans were treated to great racing all around and the event moved quickly taking just under three hours. A surprise entrant won in the sprints, and a photo finish occurred in the sportsman class. A driver won on his sponsor’s night in the late models and the current modified points leader found victory lane too.

Pegher’s 1C Late Model (Pat Miller Photo)

The late model feature kicked things off and it was Mike Pegher who jumped out to the early lead.

A couple of early spins by Herman Bertolini and  Dan Swartzlander brought out yellows. They didn’t slow down Pegher for long though as he pulled out to nice a nice advantage both times.

While Pegher was comfortably out in front the battle for second raged on behind him between Kenny Schaltenbrand, Russ King, and John Garvin. King and Garvin both would eventually get by Schaltenbrand and tried to chase down Pegher.

When the top three started getting into lapped traffic Alex Ferree, who started deep in the field, entered the mix and got by Garvin. A flat tire for King ended his hopes of finding victory lane and brought out a yellow. King made repairs and got back out on the track.

When the field restarted Ferree lined up beside Pegher but he couldn’t do anything with the driver of the Number 1 Cochran car as Pegher pulled away to get his second win of the season.

Pegher got the victory on his sponsor Bolea Oil’s night.

“I don’t know if Lynn (Geisler) ever got a win on their night or not, but it was great to do that tonight,” Pegher said. “It is hard to gain on something when you run once a week, but when we ran the Firecracker three straight nights it helped us out a lot here.”

Garvin got around Ferree to get second, while Garrett Krummert came home fourth and Schaltenbrand rounded out the top five.

In the modified race points leader Rex King, Jr took the top spot from the outside pole and didn’t look back leading from start to finish to get the win.

While King, Jr was on cruise control Jeremiah Shingledecker, Brian Swartzlander and Dave Murdick had a spirited battle for second and Swartzlander was able to slide by the driver of the 37md to take the runner up spot. Right after that pass something went amiss in Shingledecker’s car and a puff of smoke came out the back. He abruptly came to a stop ending his night.

King Jr pulled away once again on the restart proving to be the class of the field. Swartzlander settled for second followed by Murdick, Rex King, Sr and Steve Feder.

In heat race action a scary barrel roll by Ralph McBride in turn one brought out a red flag. Thankfully McBride was alright.

Lee Jacobs Got his Second Lernerville Win (Pat Miller Photo)

Things got off to a slow start in the sprint portion as three cautions fell before a lap was completed in the race including one for sprint rookie AJ Flick who made a miraculous save after being forced off the back stretch. He was able to keep his mount under control and drove back up onto the speedway.

Once the field finally got going it was Carl Bowser who shot to the lead and didn’t look back early on. Meanwhile surprise invader Lee Jacobs, who started mid pack, methodically maneuvered through the field and by lap six worked his way into third when Billy Dietrich slowed to bring out a yellow.

On the restart Bowser pulled away again and Jacobs worked his way around pole sitter Dan Kuriger to take second. By the time he got around the 08 sprinter Bowser had built up a straightaway lead.

Jacobs would slowly but surely eat away at the lead and once they got into lap traffic he started to turn the heat up on Bowser.

“I saw the flagman put his wave five fingers at us and I was like I gotta make something happen,” Jacobs said. “Carl is so good here especially when the track is like it was tonight so it is pretty special to beat him here.”

He put a bold slide job on Bowser coming out of turn two and it stuck giving the driver of the Simcox Grinding 81 the lead. From there he would pull away and almost lapped Ed Lynch, Jr who finished fifth by the time he crossed the checkered flag to get the win.

For Jacobs the dream season continues as he gets his second win at Lernerville backing up the All Stars victory from earlier this year.

“I would’ve been happy with one win this year with how we’d been running the last couple of years,” Jacobs said. “We built a new car and we wanted to bring it to a place where the old car was good at. Hopefully we can get another win tomorrow night at Mercer.”

Eric Williams finished third followed by Kuriger and Lynch.

In the stock car feature a three car battle broke out between Rob Shook, Aaron Easler and Corey McPherson. Shook was hooked up on the bottom as he tried to fend off the challenge from Easler, who pulled even with him several times riding around the cushion. McPherson followed the tracks of the number 11 of Easler around the high side and you could throw a blanket over them when a late race yellow slowed the field.

On the restart McPherson got around Easler and set his sights on Shook. The pilot of the 64 machine held his line around bottom and held a narrow lead as they crossed the white flag. The two drag raced down the back stretch and McPherson rocketed around the cushion in three and four. He slapped the wall coming off of four sending sparks in the air but he held his foot on the gas and edged out Shook at the stripe to take the win.

Sportsman points leader Jim Fosnaught took third, followed by Easler and Mike Miller.

You can check out Eric Westendorf’s full results here Fab Four Quick Results 7/25



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