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The Dirt Network’s Crate List- September 2014 Western PA Crate Late Model Rankings

“The Crate List” September 2014

Welcome back to The Dirt Network’s monthly crate late model rankings page. I have been a bit occupied by my daily work responsibilities piling up so I apologize for this month’s list being so late. Well that along with a trip to Eldora for the World 100 of course didnt help. The race season is fast approaching the finish line, with many weekly tracks finishing up points races in mid-September. The crate races we feature on this page were scored for 8 different tracks in August, a season high. Specials at Mckean County, Eriez, & Tyler County were supported by our weekly races at Sharon, PPMS, Marion Center, Dog Hollow, and Roaring Knob.
The Crate list will follow this format, I will be looking at weekly and touring race results for the crate tracks in the area with emphasis on the Fastrak and RUSH series. So here we go once again with The Crate List for September!

 1. Joe Martin -Joe Pulled the hat trick at Dog Hollow winning 3 races in a row in August. And don’t forget that big win with the Rush Tour at Mckean over 42 other teams! Add in another win and a 4th place at Marion Center and Joe’s late season return to dirt has been unforgettable. Yet again we have another new #1 driver for The Crate List this month.
2. Max Blair – A welcomed return to crates on a part time basis when his super late car is not on the road, Max is one of the best in the country at wheeling the 604 crate cars. A Fastrak tour win at Eriez and a 2nd at Mckean with the Rush Tour put Max on the list for the first time this year.
3. Alan Dellinger – “Jim Dandy Jr.” owned Sharon in August pulling 2 victories and a 2nd place finish. Alan is running well on the new sealed shock program from Bilstein as well.

4. Daryl Charlier.- Daryl had a great month at his home track, PPMS with one win and two 2nd place finishes. The season has turned around for the #88 team (thanks Nick) with some podium finishes to build on.

5. Mike Laughard- A staple on the podiums at Marion Center and Dog Hollow, Mike racked up two 2nds and a 3rd at “The Dog” and a win, two 2nds and a 4th place finish at Marion Center.

Honorable Mention

Keep an eye on these drivers, they are knocking on the top 5’s door!

1.  Derek Rogers – a second and 4th in a rare appearance at Roaring Knob was capped off with a big fastrak Tour win at Tyler County.
2.  Nolan Dalton -coming on strong at seasons end, Mr. Dalton captured a win, a 2nd and two 5th place  finishes at his home track, Roaring Knob.
3.  Josh Holtgraver – a PPMS regular, Josh added a win, a 3rd and a 5th to his strong resume at the 1/2 mile oval this year.

Here were the average car counts for August in the Crate Late Model division.
SHARON    14, 12, 10  avg = 12 cars
MARION CENTER   5, 10, 13, 5,   avg = 8 cars
DOG HOLLOW    14, 15, 13,  avg = 14 cars
ROARING KNOB  15, 22, 24, 20, 15,  avg = 19 cars
PITTSBURGH    18, 17, 19  avg =18 cars
MCKEAN COUNTY = 40 cars avg. (2 races)
ERIEZ  = 18 cars
TYLER COUNTY = 23 cars

RUSH   Friday, September 12 Sharon Speedway (Hartford, OH) $1,500 to-win
(“Apple Festival Nationals” – “Gary Knollinger Memorial”)

RUSH  Saturday, September 13 Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway (Imperial, PA)
(“Pittsburgher” plus “Steel City Roulette drawing)

RUSH   Saturday, September 27 Woodhull Raceway (Woodhull, NY) $1,500 to-win

Well thats it, that’s the list for September! See Yinz at the races! – Brian “Dobie” Compton



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