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Recommended Racing; Lernerville’s Steel City Stampede Offers Up Great Weekend of Racing

The Steel City Stampede at Lernerville has earned a place in the history of season ending bashes. You know the shows, lots of cars all gathered together for one last race while the frost gathers on the pumpkins.  Many have a top division and numerous support classes.

And although there’s some of those in the mix too, what sets Lernerville’s season ending party apart from the rest, is that instead of one huge headliner, you’ll see the “Three Headed Monster” on display as 410’s, Super Lates and Big Blocks all race for some increased purses.

And not to sound like an annoying TV commercial but, ‘that’s not all folks!”.

The Renegades of DIRT modifieds will also be on the plate this weekend as well as RUSH Late Models & Modifieds, open stocks, mini stocks and a 100 lap endure on Saturday as well.

If you’re anywhere near the area this weekend, we recommended you take the opportunity to check it out. Preliminary weather forecasts look wonderful for the festivities this Friday and Saturday and let’s face it, this may be the last chance for some of us to see one more night of dirt racing before our tracks are covered in snow. And, there’s probably no better value among the season-ending parties, than this weekend at Lernerville anywhere in the region!

The Agenda:


Starting at 7:05, heat races for all divisions, 10 laps for the 410’s, Super Lates, Big Blocks, Renegades/UMP Mods, and RUSH Lates,  and 8 laps for the RUSH Modifieds, Stocks, and Mini Stocks.

After the action on the track, fans can enjoy live music in the Round up Tent


Starting at 6 PM, be ready for a few b-mains and then the features for all divisions.

Sprints: 25 Laps; $3,000 to win
Late Models: 25 Laps; $3,000 to win
Modifieds: 30 Laps: $3,000 to win
RUSH Late Models: 30 Laps; $2,000 to win
Renegades of DIRT UMP Mods: 20 Laps; $1,000 to win
Open Stocks: 20 Laps; $1,000 to win
RUSH Modifieds: 15 Laps; $500 to win
Mini Stocks: 15 Laps: $500
100 Lap Enduro: $1,000 to win

What To Expect:

Essentially, the hidden gem in the lineup are the Big Block Modifieds. $3,000 to win with not much else going on in “modified land” outside of SDS Orange County, tends to draw a good many invaders, taking on the weekly assortment from Lernerville and Sharon with some of Mercer’s small block modifieds in the mix as well. You can expect much more than a full field of highly competitive modifieds this weekend.

As far as the Sprints and Late Models go, it’ll be pretty much business as normal with a few different faces. But the increased purses will bring out some fantastic racing. We’ve seen some great ones at Lernerville on a weekly basis this year, but with no reason to hold anything back, the excitement factor will be increased.

The Renegades of DIRT modified series is the fastest growing UMP style modified series in the nation, and thrilled fans with their first appearance at the action track earlier this summer. These guys come to race, and there’ll be a good many of them on hand.

The RUSH late models always tend to put on a good show at Lernerville, and there’ll be most likely 30+ of them in action. Series points leader Ryan Montgomery looks to clinch the title this weekend.

The sportsman stocks that normally grace the clay at Lernerville will be “opened up” so to speak as the rules have been modified to include drivers from all over the area. PA/OH Stock series champion Chris Schneider looks to take another Stampede buckle this year but looking to take it from him will be champion Jim Fosnaught and former champion Corey McPherson. Will it be one of them, or an invader from Sharon, Mercer, or PPMS?


For all event related details including pit pass information, tickets, and complete schedule of events, be sure to check out Lernerville’s Steel City Stampede Page by clicking here



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