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The Quest for the Golden Driller

Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals:
In a mere 10 days, all eyes of the dirt racing world will shine down on the metropolis of Tulsa, Okla. as we witness one of the gems of the dirt racing world, the Chili Bowl Nationals. This event has become one of the most thrilling (and prestigious) races in the United States. And likewise, that explains why nearly 320 drivers have already pre-registered.

The notable names that have graced that winner’s check in victory lane include Sammy Swindell, Dave Blaney, Andy Hillenburg, Tony Stewart, Tim McCreadie, Tracy Hines, and Kevin Swindell. Bryan Clauson found victory lane most recently with his 2014 triumph.

The Chili Bowl is undoubtedly a world-wide attraction, as drivers and fans will be attending from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, among many others.

A small sample of what the pit area will look like.

What: 29th Annual Chili Bowl Nationals

Where: Tulsa Expo Raceway — quarter-mile clay oval inside the River Spirit Expo Center 

When: January 13-17, 2015

Entry Lists: Here are the updated entry lists to the best of our knowledge. Keep in mind, they will fluctuate daily in an attempt to work with teams and drivers

TimeRacing kicks off at 6:00pm CST Tuesday-Friday. Racing begins at 12 noon CST on Saturday.

Coverage: All racing from Tuesday night through the D-Main on Saturday through the will be shown live on Saturday’s A-Feature, B-Feature, and C-Feature will be broadcast live on the popular MAVTV Network. For a complete listing of channels, or to request MAVTV from your local provider, log onto

Order of Events: Each of the first four nights (Tu-Fri) will consist of a complete show. Those nights will showcase roughly 80 drivers all competing for the preliminary A feature win. The top 3 from each of the preliminary A features get locked into the final extravaganza that is set to take place on Saturday. The preceding races on Saturday, affectionately known as the “Alphabet Soup”, will include the B-E Mains. The lineups of each of those mains will be determined by the driver’s finish on their Qualifying night.

Full History: Rich Vogler was crowned the first Chili Bowl Nationals champion back in 1987. Since then, 17 other drivers have claimed the coveted “Golden Driller” including the likes of Tony Stewart, Dave Blaney and Sammy Swindell. The persistent side-by-side racing, rich history and tradition of the Chili Bowl easily qualifies it as one of the most coveted race events around the world.

2014 podium [L to R]: K Swindell (2nd), Clauson (1st), Bell (3rd)



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