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This Week In Dirt- Hangover Edition

Well, we hope you had a great holiday season, it’s been pretty quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean that absolutely nothing happened. But it’s not like you’d really know anyway…

You were busy drinking, and wondering how you were going to keep the lights on after you ran your bank account to nothing buying Christmas presents, many of whom for people that re-gifted them!

So then you got a hangover. And for some of you, it probably still lingers to this day. We’re proud of you too, but isn’t about time to stop riding the porcelain Honda and get back to some dirt?

That’s why you came here! You’re broke, hungover, and generally look and smell like Tyler Walker on a rager and haven’t been paying attention to what you missed. No problem, we’ll help you catch up on the week that was in DIRT!

#PaulsToTheWall And Some Guy Named Larson Strike First in Winter Heat

Welcome to the preseason, and one of the early points of interest is currently taking place at Cocopah Speedway in Yuma, AZ, in the Inaugural Winter Heat Showdown. The 410 Sprint mini speedweek has attracted some top shelf talent from WoO drivers, PA Posse members, ASCS, ASCoC, NSL, USAC and Roger Crockett too!  A couple of Nascar guys stopped by as well.

There’ll be five races in all, and a point fund for the top five finishers, and it already looks like this event will be a success for years to come as over 50 competitors took part in the first weekend.

Friday’s action saw pole sitter and  WoO regular Paul McMahan retake the lead on the second lap following leader Aaron Reutzel’s flat tire. McMahan would hold of Joey Saldana over the course of the remaining 28 laps to take the $12,000 win.

Then on Saturday, some guy named Kyle Larson won.

We really hope this event serves as a pre season highlight for years to come at . The Late Models have Tuscon, the midgets get the Chili Bowl, but 410 Sprint world needed a little January teaser, and now it looks like they have it!

To follow the action look no further than here

To watch these races on PPV, try clicking here Photo

McIntosh Defeats Hangover

In ’13 and ’14, Will Thomas took home a couple of eye opening November and January races down south on the regional late model scene.

This year, young Dawsonville, Ga driver Donald McIntosh has been the big surprise, winning the “Turkey Gobble” 50 at Boyd’s (TN) in November against the likes of Clanton, Marlar and Kent Robinson plus some heavy regional hitters. 

Then he proved that it was no kind of fluke this week at 411 Speedway with a victory in the Hangover 40, by putting a fairly stout field of 47 cars behind him.  McIntosh won the dash, started on the pole, and led green to checkers for the $4,000 victory.  This guy will be one to keep an eye on in 2015. If he’s not on your watch list yet, better put him on it!

To read the full story from Rich Allen at Inside Dirt Racing…click here

Hangover 40 Top 6- 411 Speedway; January 1, 2015

1. Donald Mcintosh
2. Walker Arthur
3. Stephen Breeding
4. Pierce McCarter
5. Jeremy Hines
6. Ray Cook


Schatz….is Undefeated!

So far so good in 2015 for Mr. Schatz! The WoO Champion is the only driver in the world with a 1.000 winning percentage as he came out of the gate strong in 2015.
They’ve come at Archerfield Raceway in the Supercheap Auto Series which has some fine drivers to be sure. But he put a punctuation mark on night four when he took home the Checkered flag from the 10th starting spot in the World Series Sprintcars action from Archerfield on Jan 4.

We want to make sure that everyone here knows that our Donny Schatz related drinking game called “Schatz’s Shots” is only supported in his North American appearances! Unless you’re a total lush of course and in that case, be sure to see how many cars Donny passes in each feature event from our good friends at Sprintcar World here

Renegades—brought to you by Ensure?

And lastly, the Ohio sprint wars continued this week when it was revealed via a Lenny Sammons article in AARN that ASCoC operator Guy Webb made some not so nice remarks  towards the Renegade Sprint Series and it’s committed drivers for 2015.

The article quoted Webb as saying, “You cannot sell a series with B and C-level talent,: said Webb of the Renegades. “If you look at Tim Shaffer, Chad Kemenah, Danny Smith and Greg Wilson they are all 45 to 50 years old that are trying to hang on. there is a certain time that it is over and they have to move on in their career. They are just trying to prolong it.”

Webb stopped short of saying that “When god said let there be light, those guys hit the switch”.

 But regardless, we at TDN would love to see those guys run anywhere, anytime, against anybody! 

One of our more questionable and irresponsible sources also informed us, that Webb believed that makers of the elder adult nutritional supplement Ensure, was possibly vying for sponsorship of the Renegade Sprint Series.

Folllowing Webb’s comments,  Jacksonville and Attica Speedways pulled their ASCoC races and the lone ASCoC driver committed to the series, Dale Blaney, was just a little bit less sure of his 2015 plans. Either way, the battle continues. But the exchange this week did lead to a brilliant tweet from the PR people at Renegade Sprints

from @RenegadeSprints on Dec 31

“Happy New Year, everyone! Hope all the Renegades were able to stay awake this late. The early bird special usually leads to early bedtime”.

And that’ll pretty much do it for this week’s edition!  Be sure to stay tuned for our Wild West Shootout Page later on this week.

And if you’re familiar with a race called the Chili Bowl, get your preview here!

Remember to keep checking our our Silly Season update page here!

Here’s some races from 2014 we’ll never forget! Check it out here!

Want to see what we asked Santa for this Christmas? Check it out here!

Have a great week and Stay DIRTY everybody!



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