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On Tap- WoO Sprints tackle Vegas and Tucson; USMTS Melts Down in New Mexico; SAS Late Models at EAMS

A little more racing action makes it’s way onto the scene this weekend as the World of Outlaw Sprints, USMTS Modifieds and the Southern All Star Series Late Models hit the track for some key early March battles. We’d all prefer to be at the track this weekend, but we’ll have to stick to the monitors and enjoy keyboard racing for the most part. 

So here’s the best of what’s out there, and a little of what to expect each week, plus ways you can follow the action. We’re here to help you stay on top of it, so we’ll be keeping a scoreboard this weekend to keep it all on one page. Here’s what’s on tap!


USMTS Modifieds: Southern New Mexico Speedway: Sunday March 8

1. Ryan Gustin  2. Zack VanderBeek  3. Daniel Hilsabeck  4. Jacob Gallardo  5. Jesse Sobbing  6. Bumper Jones  7. Alex Stanford  8. Tom Georges  9. Terry Phillips  10. Blake Jegtvig  11. Shane Sprinkle  12. Austin Arneson  13. Johnny Scott  14. Casey Areneson
15. Nick DeCarlo  16. Christy Georges  17. Royal Jones  18. Jay Rosales  19. Joe Duvall  20. Grant Junghans  21. Phillip Houston  22. Cade Dillard  23. Ben Kates  24. Neal Flowes
25. Fito Gallardo  26. Rodney Sanders  27. Dereck Ramirez

USMTS Modifieds: Southern New Mexico Speedway: Saturday March 7
 1. Phillip Houston  2. Cade Dillard  3. Austin Arneson  4. Fito Gallardo  5. Toby Herring
6. Daniel Hilsabeck  7. Jesse Sobbing  8. Donovan Flores  9. Neal Flowers  10. Alex Stanford  11. Christy Georges  12. Carlos Ahumada Jr  13. Tom Georges  14. Dusty Riggs
15. Shane Sprinkle  16. Todd Harper  17. Chris Sims  18. Dereck Ramirez  19. Terry Tipton  20. Bumper Jones  21. Jay Rosales  22. Zack VanderBeek  23. Royal Jones  24. Jason Hughes  25. Jake Gallardo  26. Ryan Gustin  27. Grant Junghans

World of Outlaws: USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ); Saturday March 7

1. Brian Brown  2. Shane Stewart  3. Brad Sweet  4. Paul McMahan  5. Danny Lasoski
6. Kerry Madsen  7. David Gravel  8. Joey Saldana   9. Terry McCarl  10. Logan Schuchart
11. Jason Sides  12. Daryn Pittman  13. Logan Forler  14. Kraig Kinser  15. Jacob Allen
16. Rico Abreu  17. Donny Schatz  18. Dusty Zomer  19. Craig Dollansky  20. Jason Johnson  21. Austen Wheatley  22. Ian Madsen  23. Trey Starks  24. Jojo Helberg

USMTS Modifieds: Southern New Mexico Speedway; Friday March 6

1. Rodney Sanders  2. Cade Dillard  3.Terry Phillips  4.Dereck Ramirez  5. Jason Hughes
6. Ryan Gustin  7. Fito Gallardo  8. Casey Arneson  9. Austin Arneson  10. Phillip Houston
11. Grant Junghans  12. Johnny Scott  13. Jacob Gallardo  14. Shane Sprinkle  15. Zack Vanderbeek  16. Daniel Hilsabeck  17. Royal Jones  18. Christy Georges  19. Ben Kates
20. Jesse Sobbing  21. Joe Duvall  22. Austin Theiss  23. Ronnie Gould III  24. Blake Jegtvig  25. Toby Herring  26. Donavon Flores

World of Outlaws; Las Vegas; Thursday March 5:

1. Terry McCarl  2. Joey Saldana  3. Danny Lasoski  4. Donny Schatz  5. Jason Sides
6. Daryn Pittman  7. Ian Madsen  8. Kerry Madsen  9. Shane Stewart  10. David Gravel  
11. Paul McMahan  12. Kraig Kinser  13. Brad Sweet  14. Mark Dobmeier  15. Rico Abreu
16. Logan Schuchart  17. Dusty Zomer  18. Henry Van Dam  19. Trey Starks  20. Austen Wheatley  21. Jason Johnson  22. Craig Dollansky  23. Tayler Malsam  24. Brian Brown

World of Outlaws; Las Vegas; Wednesday March 4:

1. Shane Stewart  2. Brian Brown  3. Joey Saldana  4. Daryn Pittman  5. Paul McMahan
6. Donny Schatz  7. David Gravel  8. Brad Sweet  9. Dominic Scelzi  10. Jason Johnson
11. Carson Macedo  12. Jason Sides  13. Terry McCarl  14. Rico Abreu  15. Kraig Kinser
16. Kerry Madsen  17. Trey Starks  18. Mark Dobmeier  19. Dusty Zomer  20. Justyn Cox
21. Austen Wheatley  22. Ian Madsen  23. Logan Schuchart  24. Danny Lasoski

World of Outlaws at Las Vegas and Tucson:

The Dirt Track at Las Vegas and Tuscon International Raceway (USA Raceway) host the greatest show on dirt this weekend as the World of Outlaws take on the best of the west. This weekend kicks off the Outlaws first western swing of the season and will see a possible influx of drivers from the likes of Gold Cup Champion Carson Macedo, Terry McCarl, Mark Dobmeier, Rico Abreu, Tim Kaeding and many others over the course of the next few weeks. “Blackjack” Brian Brown is there too, so there’s another great reason to watch! (like you needed one!) 

Last year, Paul McMahan used lapped traffic to his advantage and took home the win on night one in Vegas while on night two, Donny Schatz started on the front row, fell to third, and then put himself in the lead for good on the eighth circuit.  In Tucson in 2014, Brad Sweet took the lead on lap 4 and never looked back for his second win of the season. This year, Sweet has already etched his name onto the win list with a victory at Volusia on the final night of the DIRTCar Nationals. 

Points Coming Into The Weekend:

1. Brad Sweet- 430
2. Donny Schatz- 426
3. Daryn Pittman- 424
4. Joey Saldana- 416
5. Greg Hodnett- (Yes, we know he’s not touring, but what a great FLA) 414


Las Vegas: Wednesday and Thursday 
Tucson: Saturday

Pay Per View Information:

Dirt vision’s got you covered all weekend for your ppv needs. 39.99 for the FVP Showdown at Vegas and $21.99 for Tucson

Get your ordering information here: 

USMTS Modifieds at SNMS:

Can rookie of the year Austin Arneson stay hot and keep his series point lead through this weekend? We’ll see, but for now, he’s been a big surprise on the scene, winning two out of three in last weekend’s action at El Paso. Rodney Sanders took the final race of the weekend and Dereck Ramirez, Fito and Jake Gallardo all had podium appearances.

This week, the tour finds itself at Southern New Mexico Speedway for the USMTS Winter Meltdown (let’s hope there’s not one on the track) Here’s a glimpse of what that actually looks like courtesy of

Points Coming Into The Weekend: 

1. Austin Arneson- 694
2. Dereck Ramirez- 688
3. Jason Hughes- 663
4. Jesse Sobbing- 627
5. Phillip Houston- 611

When: Friday-Saturday-Sunday

Pay Per View Information:

Speed Shift TV does an awesome job with their USMTS broadcasts (They’ve got some NSL Sprint stuff later on this year too!) and they’ll be all over it this weekend. 

For ordering information, just click here:

Southern All Star Late Models at EAMS:

The postponed “Bama Bash” will kick off the 2015 tour for the Southern All Star Late Model Series this weekend at East Alabama Motor Speedway. They’ll be battling for $6,000 to win and $500 to start on Sunday March 8. It’s always a guessing game as to whom will swing by, but Chris Madden, Will Thomas, Mike Marlar, Jonathan Davenport, Randy Weaver, and Donald McIntosh are all pretty good guesses. There might even be a Scott Bloomquist sighting, (was on his schedule earlier). 

Whomever shows up to grace the red clay at EAMS, it’s sure to be some great racing on the slippery surface. There’s no pay per view this weekend, but you can follow the action with blog style updates from on their RACEWIRE Page. (Just click where we typed racewire. It helps to be a DoD subscriber, if you’re not, please do so immediately! You’ll thank us!)

Anyhow, they’ll have blog style updates there to keep you in the know all weekend. And if you’re really a diehard (our favorite type of fan) Our friends at will have a live timing feed for your iphone, or computer. You can follow the action as it happens on the track by just clicking HERE  Don’t do it this second unless you want to be bored into a come, why don’t you wait until race time and until then, check out the races up above!

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay DIRTY



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