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This Week In DIRT: Abreu and Kaeding Survive and Win; Hiett Takes Checkers at Dixie; Central PA Ice is Broken

March madness…it’s taking over our tv sets, our social media, radio airwaves and the through process of millions of Americans this time of year.  But not ours! Our brackets will pretty much be demolished by the time the first set of games end, and it’s not like we’ll have lost any money either, because most of us are saving cash for road trips and tshirts, and other items of interest (beer money). 

So having said that. We’re paying attention to DIRT, doing our jobs, and saving you mouse clicks.  Mother nature on the other hand, she’s doing her best to keep us away from the track as the USMTS weekend and several other late model shows were cancelled or reset. 

Maybe you were face down in a bowl of potato chip and beef jerky casserole watching basketball all weekend, maybe you were busy looking for some kind of tax loophole that would get your refund to record levels? Maybe you were evading taxes altogether, and that’s totally fine…we get it. And we’ll help you catch on what you missed…because it’s time for This Week In DIRT!

Abreu and Kaeding Survive and Win

The red flags flew and the flip count was on a Chili Bowl size scale this weekend at the Tulare Thunderbowl. And when the cars got upright, and the carnage was cleared, Tim Kaeding and Rico Abreu found themselves winners. 

On Friday, Kaeding not only had to battle the wrecks, but a determined Terry McCarl as the two engaged in a spirited but clean battle to the end that saw Kaeding make the pass for the win on lap 31. It was a surreal evening for Kaeding to climbed back into the Roth Motorsports Ride for the first time in over a year. Donny Schatz, who was involved in an early accident, rocketed from the tail of the field to eighth. 

Friday March 13:

1. Tim Kaeding
2. Shane Stewart
3. Terry McCarl
4. Kerry Madsen
5. Rico Abreu

On Saturday, Abreu had a fast car, won his heat, and placed second in the dash. He started on the front row alongside fellow Californian Brad Sweet and took the lead from the drop of the green flag. Abreu then survived several restarts and held off Shane Stewart, who placed 2nd on both nights, over the course of the remaining laps to collect his second career Outlaw victory at the same track where he won his first. 

Saturday March 14:

1. Rico Abreu
2. Shane Stewart
3. Brad Sweet
4. Donny Schatz
5. Paul McMahan

Points as of March 15:

1. Shane Stewart – 1119
2. Donny Schatz- 1098
3. Brad Sweet- 1097
4. Paul McMahan- 1089
5. Daryn Pittman- 1088

Hiett Takes Checkers at Dixie

Oxford, AL driver Jason Hiett took home a nice $5,000 payday from the legendary Dixie Speedway in Rome, GA on Saturday night. Hiett won the 50 lap feature from the pole and played some fantastic defense in the waning laps against none other than Ray Cook, his closest pursuer.  Donald McIntosh, (learn his name folks, he’s going to win a sizeable race sooner rather than later), charged from the 10th starting spot to take home the final podium spot

Also in attendance was current World of Outlaw Late Model points leader Shane Clanton, however his overall winning streak was halted when he succumbed to a flat tire early in the race. There were 31 cars attempting to make the show which also included area heavy hitters such as Will Thomas and former WoO series regular Clint Smith. 

Saturday March 14:

1. Jason Hiett
2. Ray Cook
3. Donald McIntosh
4. Shawn Chastain
5. Jake Knowles
6. William Thomas
7. Clint Smoth
8. Dale Thurman
9. Jordan Nipper
10. Austin Smith

Central PA Ice is Broken

For weeks on end, the citizens of central Pennsylvania had been held hostage in their living rooms as freezing cold temperatures and precipitation had pushed back the annual Icebreaker at Lincoln Speedway.  But on Sunday, the track was good enough to go as the first race of the 2015 season got underway on a cloudy, chilly afternoon. 

31 cars answered the bell on opening day, with most of the heavy hitters from the area in the house. Freddie Rahmer and Chase Dietz led the field to green, and it would be the last such flag anybody saw for quite some time as the first 12 laps were marred by a series of red and yellow flags.  When the action finally settled down, Greg Hodnett was firmly in command and took home $4,000 for the effort.

Sunday March 15

1. Greg Hodnett
2. Kyle Moody
3. Robbie Kendall
4. Brent Marks
5. Cory Haas
6. Alan Krimes
7. Brian Montieth
8. Gerald McIntyre
9. Danny Dietrich
10. Cole Duncan

And that’ll do it for this weekend. Have a great week and stay DIRTY everyone!

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