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Lernerville 5/8 Race Recap: Williamson bests Swartzlander in a spirited battle, Bowser dominates Sprints, McPherson and King claim 2nd wins of 2015

On a summer-like night, Fab Four Racing returned to the Lernerville Speedway. A quick and racey surface provided plenty of action throughout the evening. Mighty Mat Williamson earned a hard fought victory over Brian Swartzlander in the modifieds. Carl Bowser cruised to victory in the Sprints, while Russ King and Corey McPherson each recorded their second victories of the season.

Big Block Modifieds:
The Big Block Modifieds began the feature racing for the evening. Dave Murdick held the early advantage from the pole, while Mat Williamson moved into second. 4th running Garrett Krummert brought out the first caution on lap 4 after sliding high off turn 2.  
Williamson charged to the outside on the restart to get by Murdick for the lead. Behind him, Swartzlander moved into second a few laps later.  Swartzlander would chase Williamson for the lead for the following laps until a lap 12 caution. 3rd running Jeremiah Shingledecker and 5th running Rex King Sr. both experienced mechanical troubles.
 All eyes were on the front of the field as Swartzlander continued to challenge Williamson for the lead, but Williamson would maintain a slight lead through lap 20. On the 20th circuit, Swartzlander used a lapped car to his advantage to clear Williamson for the lead off turn 4.
Two laps later, Williamson would do the same, as he powered off the top of turn 4 to take the lead, but also would make contact with Carl Murdick who then made heavy contact with Swartzlander. This daring move allowed Williamson to pull away for his first victory of the season.
“I hate driving four hours to lose,” Said a delighted Williamson in victory lane. “I tried running the bottom but my motor was running really hot and it wasn’t running so good when I had to shut it down so I stuck to the top and got lucky with the lapped cars.  Brian’s great to race with and I have a lot of respect for him and when we’re racing side by side it’s a really great show for the fans.”

Swartzlander settled for 2nd, Dave Murdick took 3rd, while King Jr. (who started last after going to a backup car) and Krummert charged to take fourth and fifth, respectively. 
Top 10:
1 Mat Williamson
2 Brian Swartzlander
3 Dave Murdick
4 Rex King Jr.
5 Garrett Krummert
6 Steve Feder
7 Shawn Fleeger
8 Tom Glenn
9 Bob Warren
10 Mike Turner
410 Sprints:

AJ Flick and Carl Bowser led the 18 car field to green. Bowser raced out to the early lead on the outside, as Flick struggled to find traction, which allowed Brandon Matus to take 2nd.
Sye Lynch lost control in turns one and two and collected Jack Sodeman Jr. on lap two, ending the night for both drivers. In the first few laps,  Ed Lynch Jr .also  made contact with the front stretch wall which forced him to go pit side, ending his bid for a third straight victory. 
On a lap 5 restart, Bowser cleared Matus and set sail. Bowser worked lap traffic to extend his lead over Matus as the race hit the midway point. Flick then began to make a charge in the following laps, as he slid past Matus for 2nd, setting his sight on Bowser. A lap 19 caution for Scott Priester slowed the pace for the final time.
The restart saw Bowser flawlessly maneuvering the cushion to cruise to his first victory of the season. 
“It’s definitely been a rough start to the year for us,” said Bowser. “You always try to do better over the winter and make yourself faster so we just tested a lot of stuff and some of it worked and some of it didn’t. But we did some more testing this week and it really paid off and I think we got everything headed in the right direction
 Flick held on for second, while Brandon Matus held off a charging Brandon Spithaler for a podium spot.
Top 10:
1 Carl Bowser
2 AJ Flick
3 Brandon Matus
4 Brandon Spithaler
5 Brent Matus
6 Cory Good
7 Jim Morris
8 Scott Priester
9 Ralph Spithaler
10 Davey Jones
Super Late Models:
Michael Norris and Mike Pegher Jr. set the pace for the super late model feature. Norris would charge to the outside of Pegher to lead the first lap. Pegher made contact with Norris, allowing Russ King to quickly move into second.
The first caution waved on lap five, as Gary Lyle spun in turn two.  The ensuing restart saw King, Norris and a charging John Mollick battling for the lead. Mollick charged to a momentary lead on lap 6 with a well executed slide job in turns 3 and 4.
However, King would quickly fight back to take the lead the next lap. Last week’s winner Alex Ferree advanced from his 10th starting spot to move by Mollick for 2nd on lap 8. Ferree begun to reel King in for the lead, as both drivers were glued to the top in turns 3 and 4 and the bottom in 1 and 2 for many laps.
Ferree jumped the cushion in 3 and 4 several times throughout the second half of the race, as he tried everything to catch King.  However, King  kept rattling off consistent laps to drive away to his second victory of 2015.
“It was a really good time tonight,” King said.  “The track slowed down and got racy for us. “
 Jared Miley made a late race charge to third, while Mollick and Pegher Jr. rounded out the top five.
Top 10:
1 Russ King
2 Alex Ferree
3 Jared Miley
4 John Mollick
5 Mike Pegher Jr.
6 Michael Norris
7 Brian Swartzlander
8 John Garvin Jr.
9 Kenny Schaltenbrand
10 Ed Ferree
A rash of cautions slowed the early pace in the 20 lap Sportsman night-capper. Jim Fosnaught held the early advantage from the pole position, although Corey McPherson mounted a charge to 2nd by the second circuit.  The two drivers raced side by side for several laps, with McPherson running the cushion and Fosnaught running a lower groove.
McPherson was able to clear Fosnaught on lap 13 to take the lead, but a caution two laps later slowed the field again.   On the restart, McPherson jumped the cushion in turn four, allowing Fosnaught to slide into the lead.
But McPherson would not make this mistake again. The Tarentum driver charged hard off turn four on lap 17 to overtake Fosnaught.  In the final laps, McPherson quickly extended his lead to win by 3.2 seconds. 
Paul Schrekengost made a late race charge to finish 2nd, while Fosnaught fell back to 3rd. Mike Miller and Brett McDonald rounded out the top five finishers.
Top 10: 
1 Corey McPherson
2 Paul Schreckengost
3 Jim Fosnaught
4 Mike Miller
5 Brett McDonald
6 Joe Kelley
7 Scott Byers
8 Jeff Miller 
9 Aaron Easler

10 Joey Zambotti

Fab Four Racing continues next Friday evening with Ladies Night.



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