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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 2

Hey there peeps, tis’ Monday night and that means it’s time for my update to the rankings. Yeah, I know, it’s a couple hours later than it usually is this week, but that’s because mah wife was working late and I was hanging out with my future racing fan of a daughter, Emma. Then I ended up catching the last couple innings of the Bucco game (#RaiseIt). Shoot me over it if you must, but really. that’s a pretty trivial reason to shoot me. I do this for fun, and ya’ll read it for fun.

Anyways, this week, 7 of the eight tracks I score got their weekly show in. The track that didn’t? Eriez, who posted this hilarious photo on their website with the caption Rainout!:

Yeah, I don’t see any rain, either. I see blue skies and shit. Supposedly, it didn’t rain up there either. I guess they were worried of a light crowd because Mother’s Day. If that’s the case, then don’t schedule racing on that day from the jump. It would save them from my criticism here, and some of the stuff I saw on Twitter.

Also, once again this, Roaring Knob can’t bee bothered to update their full results in a timely fashion, so I can only give points to the winner, and the rest of the top five will again be scored whenever The Knob gets around to updating this week.

And these tracks wonder why they have problems attracting fans and cars……  oh well, that’s another rant for another day.

That said, let’s be finding out who this week’s top ten is….

1. Mike Blose, 11 points: Mike scored his points this week with a 4th at Dog Hollow and a 2nd at Marion Center.

1. Clate Copeman, 11 points: Clate picked up his points this week with wins on back to back nights at Dog Hollow and Marion Center

2. Steve Campbell, 10 points: Steve came home under the checkers at Selinsgrove for the second consecutive week.

3. Jeff Rine, 9 points: Jeff’s points this week came from a pair of 4th place finishes at Bedford and Selinsgrove

3. Matt Parks, 9 points: Matt picked up the win at Port Royal to score his points this week.

4. Jason Schmidt, 8 points: Jason’s points this week were scored at Port Royal, where he finished 3rd.

5. Tim Senic, 7 points: Tim won at Roaring Knob to pick up his points this week.

5. DJ Troutman, 7 points: DJ came home 2nd at Bedford to score this week.

5. John Garvin, 7 points: John got 3rd at Marion Center this week to pick up his points.

5. Matt Cochran, 7 points: Matt’s points this week came at Selinsgrove, where he finished 3rd.

And that’s the top ten for this week. See ya next Monday night, probably at a more normal time. Unitl then, may your beers always have dirt in them.



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