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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 9

So, yeah. Just about every track on this poll had a special because ‘Murica or rained out this weekend. Only two of the scoring tracks, Port Royal and Eriez ran scoring shows. So this poll looks  pretty much exactly the same as last week’s. I’m not going to just post the same article as last week, so this week, I’m just going to post pretty much the whole list. No comments about each driver, because they’d almost all be “didn’t score any points this week”. Not only do I not want to write it over and over again, I’m sure you don’t care to read it over and over again either.

So let’s get to be listing the names, yo. As with last week. You’ll notice little stars after some names. The number of stars beside a name denote the number of feature wins scored by the rules of this poll.  I’m well aware that some of these names have wins that don’t count in this poll, but they will not get stars by their names for those wins.

1.  Clate Copeman****,  30 points.

2. Mike Blose**, 27 points. 

3. Scott Rhodes*, 17 points. 

4. DJ Troutman*, Alex Ferree*, 16 points. 

6. Dylan Yoder*, Jim Yoder*, 15 points. 

8.  Jason Schmidt*, Dwayne Tanneyhill*, Jeff Rine **, Russ King**, 14 Points. 

12.  Max Blair**, Kenny Schaltenbrand*, Steve Campbell**, Wally Fox*, 13 points. 

16. Darrell Bossard, 12 points. 

17. Mike Altobelli*, Devin Friese*, Tim Senic*, Chris Hackett*, 11 points. 

21. Matt Parks*, Jared Miley, 10 points. 

23. Mike Lupfer*, Mike Pegher Jr.*, Mel Minnick*, 9 points. 

26. Rob Blair, Matt Urban, Billy Eash, Gene Knaub, Gary Dalton*, Billy Holbert, 8 points. 

32. Doug Glessner*, Michael Norris*, John Garvin, Matt Cochran, Greg Oakes, 7 points.

38. Hayes Mattern, Chad Hollenbeck*, Andy Haus, Shawn Claar, 6 points. 

43. Dave Zona, Bumpy Hedman, Chad Wright*, Chase Jughans*, Tony Musolino*, Dane Laraway, 5 points. 

49. Dave Blazavich, Chub Frank, Joe Petyak, Mitch Hack, Ron Delano, 4 points. 

54. Andrew Gordon, Darrell Lanigan, Dan Swartzlander, Quintin Wyandt, Ken Trevitz, Rod Phillips, 3 points.

60.  Bobby Rohrer, Andy Boozel, John Britsky, Jerry Redden, Jason Dupont, Trent Brenneman, Dan Stone, Nick Dickson, Johnny Molick, Cody Hardesty, 2 points. 

70. Mitch Hack, Wayne Johnson, Tim Wilson, Chris Rhodes, Mike Knight, Dan Angilichio, Matt Sponaugle, Bryan Bernheisel, Dan Lee, Rich Gardner, John Lacki, Chuck Sarver, Coleby Frye, Brett Schadel, 1 point. 

And there you have it. All 83 men who have scored points in my poll this year. Looks like it’s going to be real hard for anybody to catch Copeman and Blose by the end of the year, but as we saw last year, it can absolutely come right down to the end.

Until next week, may the skies stay free from rain and may the dirt in your beer stay cold.



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