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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 10

Hey there dudes and dudettes. Tis’ Monday evening and that means it’s time for me to update these ere ranking that I maintain. This week’s article will be significantly better than the last few because,  well, all the tracks that were running got their shows in, except for Selinsgrove, because they didn’t race this week for whatever reason.

That said, again all I could find for results for Roaring Knob was the winner because apparently nobody there seems to care. I can’t imagine they had a lot of cars because of the shindig down at Tyler County that took away some of the cars that are normally there, but still how are fans supposed to take you seriously if nobody cares about updating the information on the website. It’s not a good look. At. All.

I got to the races this week, which is rare these days because I have a little one at home and my wife is on call  (she is an MRI technician) every other weekend so I have to stay home in case she gets called into work. I decided on going to PPMS Saturday night. I know, I know, that track isn’t on this poll, but they did have super late models on the card this weekend along with a hug pure stock race. It wasn’t a good night at the races, but I’m not going to get into that here, this column is about positivity. If you really must know my feelings on the subject, go to my Twitter and scroll down. While you’re there, feel free to follow me. I don’t bite, but I do swear a bunch.

Anways, let’s get to this week’s top ten.

1: Clate Copeman****, 30 points. Surprisingly, Clate didn’t score any points this week. I don’t believe he ran anywhere.

2. Mike Blose**, 29 points. Mike’s points this week came from a fourth at Marion Center Saturday.

3. Jeff Rine***, 22 points. Jeff ran third Friday at Bedford and won Saturday at Port Royal for his points this week.

4. DJ Troutman**, 21 points. DJ picked up the win at Bedford Friday for his points this week.

5. Alex Ferree*, 19 points. Alex got his points at Lernerville Friday, where he finished third.

5. Scott Rhodes*, 19 points. Scott ran fourth at Dog Hollow Friday for his points this week.

7. Max Blair**, 17 points. Max scored his points up at Eriez Sunday, where ran second. \

7. Dwayne Tanneyhill*, 17 points. Dwayne’s points this week came on the back of a third at Dog Hollow Friday night.

9. Jim Yoder*, 15 points. Jim didn’t score any points this week. I don’t recall seeing his name in results anywhere, either.

9. Dylan Yoder*, 15 points. Dylan didn’t score any points either, and I don’t recall seeing his name anywhere either.

And that’s the first ten names on my spreadsheet this week. Tune in next monday after the racing action to see what’s changed. If you don’t, you’re going to look dumb in front of your friends.




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