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The TDN Weekly Supler Late Model Power Poll: Week 12

Hey there kids. Tis’ Monday evening, so that means it’s time for me to post an update to these rankings that I toil over. Okay, I really don’t have to toil over them. I set up the scoring so it’s pretty easy for me to keep track of in about fifteen minutes each week, so long as tracks get their results in timely fashion. Which I have to say, even Roaring Knob is meticulous about now after being a deadbeat for most of the first half of the season. I’d like to think my putting them on blast for lazy updating led to the much improved updates on their site, but I know it’s probably not the case. Or maybe it is. Who knows?

That said, this week, Lernerville and Marion Center had specials, and specials don’t count in these standings, so no points were scored at either track. Port Royal and Bedford took the week off, in Bedford’s case to setup for the fair there this week. Port Royal had a scheduled week off. Everybody else got their regular shows in.

I was able to find full results from last week for Marion Center, and those points will be reflected in this week’s rankings.

So let’s get to some rankings.

1. Mike Blose**, 33 points. Mike went scoreless this week.

2. Clate Copeman****, 30 points. Clate also put up a goose egg this week.

3. Jeff Rine***, 29 points. Jeff’s points came from a second at Selinsgrove Saturday night.

4. Max Blair***, 27 points. Max picked up the win at Eriez Sunday night for his points this week.

5. Scott Rhodes**, 26 points. Scott scored a big five points with a win at Dog Hollow Friday.

5. D.J. Troutman**, 26 points. DJ took an 0fer this week.

7. Dwyane Tanneyhill*, 20 points. Dwyane’s points came from a third at Dog Hollow Friday.

8. Alex Ferree*, 19 points. Alex had a scoreless weekend too.

9. Steve Campbell***, 18 points. Steve won Saturday night at Selinsgrove for his points this week.

9. Greg Oakes, 18 points. Greg ran second at Eriez Sunday night for his points this week.

And that’s the first ten names on the list this week. Just four more weeks to go for this poll this season. Seems like the top of the poll is getting pretty tight, should be an interesting August. Weather looks like it should be fantastic this weekend, so pretty much everybody should get their shows in. I’m thinking I might even take in the show at Lernerville this week. Until next week, be young, have fun, and drink Pepsi.




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