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TDN Western Frontier Modified Rankings Volume 2


And welcome back for the second edition of out Western frontier modified rankings. Mother nature has cooperated a little better for this review period as Mercer, Sharon, Lernerville and the BRP Mod Tour all got a fair amount of dates in, relatively speaking.

Now for those who are new to these…let’s explain a few things.

We include all big block and 358 drivers in the Western, PA, Eastern OH geography, however if a driver from outside the area spends time at a weekly show in our neck of the woods, their results from their other home track will be taken into account. 

Rankings Explained: 

For the second volume, we’ll use results from early June through July.

Here’s a few guidelines to consider, these all factor into rankings placement. 

  • How many races did the driver partake in
  • How big are the purses
  • What is the level of competition at home tracks or in special events
  • Bad luck factor, wrecks, mechanical problems

This is for entertainment purposes only, we like to have fun, but if you object to the order of the list, feel free to make a comment. Just remember, no vulgarity is tolerated

Pat Miller Photo

Now then, let’s get this thing started!

1. Rex King Jr- Last Month-1

King Jr retains the top spot in volume two based on a pair of wins with extra money on the line. Firstly, he took home $5,000 for the BRP Tour win at Tyler County, and he ended the review period with a thrilling late race victory at Lernerville as part of Modified Mania, taking another $2,000 for the effort. He’s got another weekly win at Lernerville as well since early June as well, and currently sits second in BRP Tour points behind King Sr.  It would be complete domination for King Sr, but he’s had some bad luck here and there, and didn’t come through with a weekly Sharon victory in his last four tries. Still though he’s been money in a pair of money races so far and maintains a slight advantage over our second ranked driver.

From Mod Tour Racing Facebook/A.Rapp

2. Erick Rudolph- Last Month- Unranked

Okay, so some of you are saying to yourselves, “what’s he doing in the rankings”. Things change folks, and now that Erick is a true outlaw more or less for the rest of 2015, he’s free to pick and choose where he’s driving, and lately, he’s selected this area.  He’s got some Lernerville and Sharon starts in the review period, so we’ll throw his Ransomville season into the mix like we would for Williamson at Merrittville or Richner at Sharon. 

So now that we have that straight.  He had a damn fine time since he’s been here with a $5,000 BRP Tour win at Tri City and another one at EXPO, plus a couple of strong showings at weekly shows in our area and a couple of Ransomville wins. We’re not sure how long it’ll last, but he’s here for now, and he’s one of the best running in this area

3. Mat Williamson- Last Month-3rd

Williamson moves up a spot here with a pair of Lernerville victories since early June. He currently leads the points there, and has yet to finish outside of the top five. He also scored a victory at his other home track (Merrittville) in the review period and looks to have shaken off a bit of a rugged start there.  So far, the BRP tour hasn’t exactly been kind to him, but he’s got two special event wins in other places. This was a really close call, and had it not been for the big Tyler Co win for King Jr, Williamson could easily have been in our top two here, and may just yet be come our next update! It’ll be fun finding out.  

Pat Miller Photo

4. Rex King Sr- Last Month- 4th

The elder King faired fairly well for himself for this period with consistent top 5 finishes at Lernerville and a win at Sharon plus three podium finishes in four attempts there. Bigger than that, he finds himself atop the BRP tour standings and will be hard to displace from that perch in the second half of the season.

5. Brian Swartzlander- Last Month- 2nd

Mr. Swartzlander got himself a victory at Sharon in June and has been his consistent self at Lernerville, save for one night where he suffered some mechanical misfortune. We’d love to see him in Merrittville and Ransomville in SDS action in a few days. Here’s hoping the car is sorted out, if so, look for an even better second half to 2015.

6. Dave Murdick- Last Month- 7th

Murdick took the BRP tour opener at Eriez in June and has top 10 and top 5 finishes at Lernerville. He currently sits 4th in mod tour points and is still a threat to win every night, and we’re still looking for a hot streak that’s probably coming soon.

7. Rick Richner- Last Month- 8th

Rick picked up a Sharon win two weeks ago and currently sits third in BRP tour points as we speak which is actually pretty remarkable for the Niagara frontier driver. His Ransomville stats have been a bit pedestrian, but the level of competition there is high, and luck needs to go the right way there. It’s not like Danny Johnson pulls in and wins every Friday!

Pat Miller Photo

8. Garrett Krummert- Last Month- 5th

Don’t let the slight tumble in the rakings fool you for a minute. Krummert’s as good a threat to win at Lernerville as anyone else we can name, and he’s getting it pointed in the right direction at Sharon as well. More than that, he’s looked completely comfortable on BRP tour nights currently residing 6th in points there.

9. Jimmy Holden- Last Month- 6th

The mayor of the Mercer 358’s is king of the field once again. If fields were a bit more full there, he may have had a higher ranking.

10. Jim Weller Jr- Last Month- 10th

 He took home the Lou Blaney Memorial victory with the likes of Rudolph, Swartzlander, and a pair of Kings in the house, that in an of itself merits a ranking, though a few more Lernerville appearances would help his chances of climbing this ladder.

And that’s it for July. We’ll be back in late August/early September for round three and have a year end review after the Steel City Stampede!



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