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Working Man/Firecracker Weekend On Tap

When last we left off….

Pat Miller Photo

  • Shane Clanton looked completely invincible
  • Chase Junghans became a household name
  • 149 People were playing Firecracker 100 Pick’Em and will still be playing Sat night
  • Jared Miley made a case for having a real shot at a top 3 or a win in the final
  • There was a constant threat of rain, every hour, every day.

Feature Story From Firecracker Night 1

Feature Story From Firecracker Night 2

But that was then…this is now, and the World of Outlaw Late Models return to Lernerville this weekend for the Working Man 50 and the continuation of the Firecracker 100. Friday night’s “50” is a normal $10,000 to win show while Saturday, the full program for the final night of the suspended Firecracker will be run from heats, to bmains, to the 100 lap, $30,000 to win feature to the $3,000 to win Uncle Sam 30 for all non qualifiers.

 Coming into the weekend

Pat Miller Photo

Unless you’ve not been paying attention, we don’t need to tell you that Josh Richards has been hotter than hot in recent WoO competition taking five of the last six feature events. Shane Clanton comes into the weekend with a 154 point lead and would have to virtually DNF in several races for Richards to have a chance to catch him. 

Clanton won the first preliminary night and has won the Firecracker before and has to be as much of a favorite as Richards.  Third in points sits Chub Frank who would love to add this trophy to his collection, he’s more than capable and has looked on the verge of victory in many races this season with his new Longhorn chassis program.

What to look for:

Look for a special appearance by one Billy Moyer who added the weekend to his schedule. 

As far as Scott Bloomquist goes, it’s fairly likely that he’ll be following the action on the Lucas tour this weekend as their triple header skims the geography.  When he was having struggles in the mid season, it was conceivable that should he fall to outside the top five in points, that he may just pay a visit to potentially collect $40,000 in both events. However, since his recent upturn has seen him catching up to points leader Jonathan Davenport, it would make sense for him to stay the Lucas path.

From the local side, look for Jared Miley to perhaps make his way to a podium finish if he’s fortunate enough to avoid disaster. He was very fast in the two preliminary nights. 

Look for Chase Junghans to be a factor.  He’s got the place scoped and if his setup is still on, he proved he can win this by colleting a preliminary night two victory.  It would be one of the stories of the year and could very well come true if the chips fall just right.

Times, Tickets and FAQ’s:  Get your weekend details here:

Live PPV from

Okay, if you’re in our neck of the woods and you’re in a hospital bed, you’re excused from being there in person. But you can still watch. And for all of those living outside a reasonable drive, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase this.  Hook your laptop up to your tv and have a living room party and check out the amazing action from a fantastic facility.  For more information, click here: Weekend Pay Per View Details


As of right now, it looks great, warm temps and a 20% of showers at the most!
Here’s your weather link to follow: Weekend Racecast

Firecracker 100 Pickem Standings:

Oh yeah, we almost forgot, we’ll be finishing up our annual Firecracker 100 Pick’Em Contest this Saturday night.  Want to see where you are in the standings heading into the final night of competition? Look no further!  Firecracker 100 Pick’Em Standings



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