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2015 World 100 Pick’Em Contest

And it’s that time once again, the best of the best take on the famed Eldora Speedway, and each other for the annual three day granddaddy of all late model crown jewels…. The World 100!

And to celebrate, we like to do what we always do with special races….have a Pick’Em Contest!

Welcome to our 2nd Annual World 100 Pick’Em Contest brought to you by

It’s free, very easy to play, and it adds to your enjoyment of the festivities with a little more on the line than just favorite driver bragging rights.

Now then, let’s get to the details:

1. All entries MUST be received by 12 Noon on Thursday September 10th
2. You will select drivers from the following lists their scores will be tallied for all three nights as follows:
For Preliminary Nights:
Feature win = 15 points
Feature top 5 = 10 points
Heat Win = 5 points
For the World 100:
Feature Win = 25 points
Top Five= 15 points
Top 10 =10 points
11-15 = 7 points
16-Make The Final = 3 points
3. You MUST Fill Out ALL PAGES of the contest from the link we’ll provide that takes you to the entry page!
1st Place:  A 6 month subscription to Dirt on
2nd Place: Dirt on Tshirt
3rd Place: $15 Subway Gift Card

To Play:

Simply click the following link to get started: TDN World 100 Pick’Em Contest

You’ll go through 3 tiers of drivers and a couple of tiebreaker questions. Once again, please answer ALL pages of the contest lest your entry be incomplete and you won’t be scored!

Have fun, and thanks for playing!!!



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