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Previewing the 2016 All Star Circuit of Champions Schedule

After breaking down the schedule of the “Greatest Show on Dirt” a few weeks ago, I felt that it wasn’t fair to the let their fans have all of the fun. So we ran the numbers on the All Star Circuit of Champion’s 2016 schedule, and here’s what we found.

The ASCoC schedule for the coming season has 51 scheduled races at 29 different speedways. Surprisingly, Pennsylvania has a series-leading 11 different tracks that will host the All Stars, followed by the state of Ohio where the tour will appear at nine different venues.

The 2016 circuit [(Bubba’s (2/5) – Atomic (10/22)] encompasses a point-to-point distance of 8,921 miles. That’s an average of 175 miles between tracks, which is significantly less than the 273 between races that you see with the World of Outlaws. Travel time from one track to the next is estimated by Mapquest at just over 153 hours (or 6.4 days).

The 2016 edition of the historic ASCoC-sanctioned Ohio Speedweek features a grueling nine straight nights of racing at nine different locations. The week-long jaunt (Attica-Waynesfield-Millstream-Wayne County-Sharon-Atomic-Eldora-Limaland-Fremont) covers an estimated 830 miles and requires nearly 15 hours of travel time.

The longest trip between races (excluding down and back to Florida) is the 584 mile and nearly 10 hour trek from Pennsylvania’s fabulous Lincoln speedway to make a rare appearance in Indiana at the Brownstown Speedway. Fortunately, teams are given a full week to regroup in between races.

The longest overnight trip is the Brownstown Speedway to Millstream Speedway leg that requires drivers and teams to cover 245 miles for back-to-back race weekend.

The All Stars have races in seven different states over the course of the year, with half of them coming in the Buckeye state:

Ohio – 25 races
Pennsylvania – 14 races
Florida – 4 races
Indiana – 3 races
Michigan – 3 races
Illinois – 1 race
Wisconsin – 1 race

While Ohio may hold the title of most races, another Sprint Car crazy state has them beat with tracks hosting a sanctioned race:

Pennsylvania – 11 tracks
Ohio – 9 tracks
Michigan – 3 tracks
Florida – 2 tracks
Indiana – 2 tracks
Illinois – 1 track
Wisconsin – 1 track

The Ohio tracks of Atomic, Attica, Wayne County and Eldora Speedway host the All Stars a series-leading four times apiece.

After nearly crumpling under previous ownership, the All Star Circuit of Champions is alive and well under the new ownership and management. Now it’s time to do your part to get out and support the regional traveling heroes whenever possible.

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Photo by Zack Anthony



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