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On Tap- Outlaws Mess With Texas; Lucas Lates Debut at Sharon; Posse Vs All Stars Round 1

It’s time to get dirty once again! This weekend’s looking pretty stacked as the majority of local shows are open for business nation wide and the national tours are mostly in play.  But what beer would best suit the tailgate party? No worries Dirt Nation, we’re here to help. This week, we recommend you pick up a case of these.

312 Urban Wheat Ale is like the first taste of spring and summer. It’s completely light and refreshing too and finishes really clean. Not too much head here, but then again head can be overrated depending on whom you ask. It chimes in at 4.2% so if you want to catch a quick buzz, might want to down them fairly quickly, but not so fast that you don’t savor the flavor!

Now then…let’s get to some races!

World of Outlaw Sprints at Devils Bowl

Outlaw founder Ted Johnson started the franchise here, and here it returns for a second straight year! And coming into the weekend, Daryn Pittman will be attempting to score a hat trick on Friday night as he swept the two race set at Perris and Tucson last weekend. Be on the lookout for an Aaron Reutzel or Wayne Johnson appearance and perhaps a Johny Herrera sighting.  Last year’s winner was Donny Schatz in their one race as the opening night was cancelled. How many Schatz’s Shots will be consumed this weekend? Better hit the liquor store!

Points Coming Into the Weekend:

1. Brad Sweet- 2395
2. Shane Stewart- 2302
3. Donny Schatz- 2296
4. Daryn Pittman- 2277
5. Joey Saldana- 2269


Lucas Oil Late Models at Sharon Speedway (Friday) and Hagerstown Speedway (Sat)

The Lucas boys are back in action this weekend making their debut at the legendary Sharon Speedway (OH) on Friday night and the speedy paper clip at Hagerstown Speedway on Sunday.  Two can’t miss events for late model fans. Expect some interesting cars invading this weekend as cars from Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania enter the mix. Sharon could be a complete surprise winner as there’s not much of a playbook for the Lucas touring regulars, and at Hagerstown there’ll be more than a few locals and regionals who will be in the mix.

Points Coming Into The Weekend

1. Jonathan Davenport- 2005
2. Scott Bloomquist- 1875
3. Jared Landers- 1785
4. Darrell Lanigan- 1755
5. Brandon Sheppard- 1755

Pat Miller Photo

All Star Sprints at Port Royal Saturday and Selinsgrove Sunday

It’s time for the Posse to meet up with the All Stars this weekend as a central PA showdown takes center stage at Port Royal on Saturday and Selinsgrove on Sunday.  Chad Kenemah leads the All Stars into battle where he’ll face the likes of Hodnett, Dietrich, Monteith.  The bragging rights will be at stake and the weather looks fantastic, so if you’re anywhere near the area, don’t miss them!

Points Coming Into The Weekend

1. Chad Kemenah- 438
2. Dale Blaney- 428
3. Tim Shafer- 398
4. Cap Henry- 394
5. Sheldon Haudenschild- 378

Ultimate Late Models at Rome Speedway (GA) Sunday

Rome Speedway plays host to the Ultimate Late Models this week as $4,000 is on the line for the winner. Being on a Sunday, look for invaders from Tennessee, North and South Carolina who will take on the likes of perhaps Shane Clanton, Clint Smith, Chris Madden and others. This is a can’t miss one if you’re nearby.

To check out the track, just feast your eyes on this:

Here’s some races we’ll be looking closely at this weekend

  • Fab Four Racing at Lernerville Speedway – Friday
  • 410 Sprints at Williams Grove- Friday
  • 410 Sprints at Attica Speedway- Saturday
  • 358 Modifieds at Big Diamond Speedway- Friday
  • 358 Modifieds at Grandview Speedway- Saturday
  • 358 Modifieds at New Egypt Speedway- Friday
  • Big Block Modifieds at Canandaigua Speedway- Saturday
  • Big Block Modifieds at Utica Rome Speedway- Sunday



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