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TDN’s Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll

Hey there race fans. As promised, this is 2016’s first installment of that thing I do where I rank super late model drivers in the state of PA.

If you missed the preview, there’s a couple changes to the usual format. Due to the increasing number of specials on regular weekly race nights, I’ve decided that i should really start including them on this poll. So, I will now be scoring specials, but ONLY ON REGULAR RACE NIGHTS. A great example: I will score Lernerville on Friday night of the Firecracker, but not Thursday or Saturday. And for those specials, For the WoO races that will happen at Lernerville, Eriez, and Selinsgrove, what I’m going to do is give anybody that I consider a Pennsylvania local/regional that makes the feature at any of them 3 “show up” points. If a one of those local/regional hotshoes manages to win one of those WoO shows, they get 10 points, second will get 9, third will get 8, fourth will get 7, and fifth will get 6 points. And that’s on top of the three points they get for making the show.

In the same vein, at one of the numerous 2-5k specials that tracks are running on regular race nights, I will score everybody as usual, but every spot in the top five will go up by two points.

Okay, Hopefully all that makes sense, but let’s get to the scoring. Of the nine tracks I’m scoring this year, only three of them managed to get a show in with the shitty weather in the area. Those three tracks are Marion Center, Port Royal, and Eriez.

Anyways, here’s the scores for the first weekend…

1. Jared Miley*, 5 points. Jared picked up the win at Marion Center.

1. Max Blair*, 5 points. Max won at Eriez.

1. Chad Hollenbeck*, 5 points. Chad came home first at Port Royal.

1. Greg Oakes, 5 points. Greg got a fifth at Marion center Saturday and a second at Eriez Sunday.

2. Dylan Yoder, 4 points. Dylan ran second at Port Royal.

2. Mike Blose, 4 points. Mike got a second at Marion Center.

3. Robbie Blair, 3 points. Rob got a third at Eriez.

3. Dave Blazavich, 3 points. Dave came home third at Marion Center.

3. Kenny Moreland, 3 points. Kenny ran third at Port Royal.

4. Chad Wright, 2 points. Chad was fourth at the checkers at Eriez.

4. Levi Sikora, 2 points. Levi was fourth in the final rundown at Marion Center.

And that’s the top ten (well, eleven, dude to ties and what not) for this week. Come back next Monday for updated results after this coming weekend’s action. Lets all pra for nice weather so we might actually get some shows in.



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