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Top 25 Weekly Sprint Car Poll

The man from Fargo, North Dakota almost made it a clean sweep in the first week of our National Sprint Car Poll, receiving seven of a possible eight first place votes. Donny Schatz’s final point tally came to 199 points, where 200 was the maximum that a driver could receive. Positions 2-5 were filled by Danny Lasoski, Daryn Pittman, Brad Sweet (who also received a 1st place vote), and Greg Hodnett.

An incredible 46 different drivers received at least one point in the voting process. The breakdown of the Top 25 drivers looked like this: 8 WoO, 5 NSL, 4 ASCoC, 4 PA Posse, and 4 Midwest.

This weekly Sprint Car Poll is a brand new segment here at ‘TDN’. Each week a panel of voters will submit their personal Top 25 rankings, and the final rankings will be derived from the total accrued points for each driver.

Our panel of voting members for Week 1 included the following:
Blake Anderson, Brian Liskai, Bobby Gerould, Tony Bokhoven, Mike Leone, Kyle Symons, Anthony Corini and Tyler Beichner.

1. Donny Schatz, 199 points (7)
Recent Results: Wins in Posse land at Lincoln & Weedsport. 3rd place run at Williams Grove.

2. Danny Lasoski, 167 points
Recent Results: A win at Knoxville and runner-up performance at Jackson Motorplex in National Sprint League action.

3. Daryn Pittman, 162 points
Recent Results: Notched 4th consecutive win at New Egypt & claimed 4th place at Williams Grove.

4. Brad Sweet, 161 points (1)
Recent Results: 4th place at New Egypt. Failed to crack the top 5 at Lincoln, Williams Grove, & Weedsport.

5. Greg Hodnett, 153 points
Recent Results: Runner-up finishes with WoO at Williams Grove & New Egypt. Add to that a 4th place finish with them at Weedsport.

6. Shane Stewart, 142 points
Recent Results: Cracked the Top 5 just once in the past week with a 5th at Weedsport.

7. Joey Saldana, 136 points
Recent Results: Notched a Top 5 when he finished 4th at Weedsport.

8. Dale Blaney, 131 points
Recent Results: 3rd place finish in ASCoC action at Wilmot.

9. Lance Dewease, 116 points
Recent Results: His WoO win at Williams Grove on Friday was his third win in his last three starts.

10. David Gravel, 113 points
Recent Results: Salvaged his trip through the Northeast with a 3rd place finish at Weedsport.

11. Danny Dietrich, 112 points
Recent Results: Strong runs resulting in a 2nd at Lincoln & 5th at Williams Grove with the WoO.

12. Sheldon Haudenschild, 104 points
Recent Results: Made it three straight All Star Sprint podium finishes with a win at Lincoln (IL) & 2nd at Wilmot.

13. Chad Kemenah, 97 points
Recent Results: After contending for the lead early on, settled for 4th in ASCoC action at Lincoln (IL).

14. Brian Brown, 94 points
Recent Results: Continued his streak of podium finishes at Knoxville with a runner-up finish in NSL action.

15. Kerry Madsen, 78 points
Recent Results: Held on for a 4th place finish at Jackson Motorplex with the National Sprint League

16. Terry McCarl, 76 points
Recent Results: Finishes 2nd place at the season opening of the newly renamed Badlands Motor Speedway against a huge field of cars.

17. Craig Dollansky, 74 points
Recent Results: Found NSL victory lane at Jackson Motorplex. Followed that up with a 4th place at Knoxville.

18. Logan Schuchart, 67 points
Recent Results: Returns home and impresses the fans with a 2nd at Weedsport & 5th at Lincoln.

19. Ian Madsen, 52 points
Recent Results: Bagged back-to-back Top 5 finishes with the National Sprint League by recording a 3rd at Jackson & a 5th at Knoxville.

20. Danny Holtgraver, 49 points
Recent Results: Broke a year-and-a-half winless drought with the All Stars with a win at Wilmot. Also finished 3rd at Lincoln (IL).

21. Jason Johnson, 44 points
Recent Results: A respectable run through the Northeast results in 9th place finishes at Lincoln & Weedsport.

22. Mark Dobmeier, 43 points
Recent Results: Captured the $27,000+ victory over the 47 car field at Badlands Motor Speedway.

23. Dusty Zomer, 28 points
Recent Results: Snagged a win at River Cities on Friday before mechanical failure ended his night while running 2nd at Badlands.

24. Brent Marks, 25 points
Recent Results: Impressive 3rd place finish at Lincoln highlighted his weekend with the Outlaws.

25. Bryan Clauson, 24 points
Recent Results: Spent the weekend away from dirt as he was qualifying for this weekend’s Indy 500.



4 thoughts on “Top 25 Weekly Sprint Car Poll Leave a comment

  1. The north pole nightmare Bill Balog should be on this list. If he had half the funds some of these other drivers have he'd be in the top ten hands down.


  2. The north pole nightmare Bill Balog should be on this list. If he had half the funds some of these other drivers have he'd be in the top ten hands down.


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