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The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 5

Hey there people, tis’ Monday and you know what the deal is. It’s time for me to update this labor of love I have with super late models in Pennsylvania.

There still isn’t a whole lot of separation going on with this poll, thought it seems the top two are putting a little distance on everybody else. Of course, a lot of that is dude to the expanded scoring format for regional specials on regular racing nights that I’ve adapted this year and the expanded points that come with it. Not surprisingly, the top two this week generally hit all the regional specials, and run well. I feel it gives this whole thing I’m doing a little more legitimacy as far as determining the best late model racer in Pennsylvania.

That said, here’s the skinny this week. All the Friday night tracks got their shows in, with Bedford having a special, the opening night of Appalachian Mountain Speedweek. Saturday night, just Marion center and Roaring Knob got their shows in (although with Roaring Knob’s piss poor updating of results I could only find the top four, and I had to find that on Tim Senic’s Facebook). PPMS tried running, but rained out before the features. Port Royal rained out and Selinsgrove didn’t have late models scheduled. Eriez rained out Sunday.

Now let’s get to the scores this week.

1. Max Blair** 25 points. Max ran third at Bedford Friday, and came home second at Marion Center Saturday.

2. Jared Miley**, 20 points. Jared ran second at Bedford Friday. He stayed and central PA and got rained on the rest of the weekend.

3. Jeff Rine*, 14 points. Jeff didn’t score this week, but he did run sixth at Bedford Friday.

3. Michael Lake**, 14 points. Michael didn’t score any points this week. He finished thirteenth at Lernerville Friday. I didn’t see his name in any results the rest of the weekend, but considering he’s usually at Roaring Knob when they run, I imagine he was probably there, but wasn’t in the top four that I saw.

3. Dylan Yoder**, 14 points. Dylan didn’t score any points this week, either. Only place I saw his name in results was Bedford, where he got an eleventh.

6. Matt Lux*, 11 points. Matt took home the checkers at Marion Center Friday. He also finished out of the points at Lernerville Friday, where he came home twelfth.

6. Alex Ferree*, 11 points. Alex got the win at Lernerville Friday. He was in attendance at PPMS Saturday, but as mentioned, they rained out before the feature.

6. Joe Martin*, 11 Points. Joe was first under the checkers at Dog Hollow Friday, and ran third at Marion Center Saturday.

9. Russ King, 10 points.  Russ ran second at Lernerville Friday. I didn’t see his name in any results the rest of the weekend.

9. Gene Knaub*, 10 points. Gene didn’t score any points this week. I didn’t see his name in any results, either.

9. Greg Oakes*, 10 points. Greg didn’t score any points this week either. He apparently got third up at Stateline Saturday, but finishes at that track don’t count. I mean, it’s in New York.

And that’s the first ten, well, eleven because ties and such, names on my list this week. Hopefully we get a full weekend of racing in next week. With the Firecracker almost upon us, perhaps a new name or two looking to get seat time at Lernerville could be in attendance there, so there’s that.

Get out and see some racing this week. Mah wife is on call so I can’t go this week, but if ya do, bring me back a beer with some dirt in it.





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