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2018 Silver Cup Pick ‘Em Results

First and foremost, thank you to all of our fans and contestants that have helped us in donating $78.31 to the #Forever41 fund benefiting Jason Johnson’s wife and son. For those that weren’t aware, we were giving $41 for every 100 contestants that entered this Silver Cup Pick ‘Em, and we ended with a final count of 191 people.

Kim Gerber had a strong showing and picked up the win in the 2018 edition of the Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Pick ‘Em contest. Gerber is consistent player of ours and it was only a matter of time before she struck gold. She racked up a whopping 175 points to win comfortably – her driver selections were Brad Sweet (45 pts), Donny Schatz (42 pts), Ian Madsen (38 pts), Tim Shaffer (34 pts) and Jason Sides (16 pts). Kim will receive the top prize of a $100 Visa gift card.

Placing in second by virtue of winning the tiebreaker is “Donald Schatz” – a.k.a. Tom Schwarzl (@tschwarzl23). His picks of Donny Schatz (42 pts), David Gravel (40 pts), Tim Shaffer (34 pts), Chad Kemenah (30 pts) and Greg Wilson (18 pts) netted him a total of 164 and placed him in a tie for second, where he would go on to win the tiebreaker. His guess of 38 cars was just one off the actual count of 37, and just barely closer than our third place’s guess of 35. Schwarzl gets his choice of t-shirt from R&R Racewear.

Rounding out the podium is Emily Conrad (@emtherad1), who we’ve already mentioned lost a the tiebreaker with Schwarzl for second place. Her picks were identical to his – Schatz, Gravel, Shaffer, Kemenah and Wilson. Conrad will receive a hard-earned $25 Visa gift card for placing in third.

The best possible driver picks, based on our pre-determined groups, was Brad Sweet (45), Donny Schatz (42), Ian Madsen (38), Tim Shaffer (34) and Cale Conley (28). That would have resulted in a final tally of 187 points.

Join us again in a couple of weeks when we unveil our Knoxville Nationals Pick ‘Em contest. And just a little teaser…that special event pick ’em will boast our highest grand prize to date.

Pos. 1-60
Pos. 61-120
Pos. 121-180
Post. 181-191


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